44 inch butt

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ed Dec 13, Messages 3, Reactions 14, 37 AlleybuxYep I have a nice one. ed Aug 2, Messages 25, Reactions 71, Alleybuxed May 4, Messages Reactions 16 1 Alleybux 20, The only people who tell me I do have no ass to speak of so I'd never take their word for it.

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ed Aug 28, Messages 6, Reactions 38, AlleybuxNot big, but not small either. It's just a bubble butt, I'm cool with it. As you get older and I'm in my 30's you grow into your "I don't give a damn what people think" feels more. I do work out very regularly though, gotta keep it tight. I'm gettin old ya'll, but I'll be damned if I'll be saggin.

ed Jun 10, Messages 34, Reactions1, Alleybux 8, TacosAndHotDogs said:. Big ole butt. Way bigger than 36 inches and it's round. I'm fine with it until I sit on something and break it, or I have to go shopping and can't fit anything. I'm a pear shape, but somehow I have big ole titties too.

Getting dressed has often caused problems over here. Click to expand Must Be Nice. ed Feb 28, Messages 1, Reactions 2, 34 16 Alleybux 90, All I have are tig bitties. And I have always liked my no-ass-at-all as my aunt still reminds me. I've been told I look top heavy, but I know I am really proportional.

ed May 6, Messages Reactions 2, 73 3 AlleybuxI have a big, round, high butt. I hate it. ed May 7, Messages 25, Reactions1, 1, Alleybux 12, I wish my ass was big, it's non existent. ed May 25, Messages 3, Reactions 31 Alleybuxed Jan 4, Messages 14, Reactions 39, Alleybux 62, ed Mar 25, Messages 6, Reactions 71, 1, 1, Alleybux 24, ed Feb 8, Messages 4, Reactions 2, 36 19 Alleybux 92, I am 41 inches, but my waist is small, my thighs are shapely but muscular a bit, and I have a 38C chest. So I'd say my butt is proportionate to me. It's generous but not huge. It's a sexy booty and I love it.

Auntie Shirley. ed 44 inch butt 12, Messages 1, Reactions 1, 22 5 AlleybuxChakra Khan said:. My butt was already 36 inches. I've been doing squats and taking maca root for the past 2 weeks and it's 44 inch butt heavier and rounder, like its being lifted. I'm so happy. Can't wait for my buddy to get back from vacation. Just in time for it to be getting bigger too.

I'm going to have to be recruiting for valentines day real soon. Gawd is gewd. ed Feb 18, Messages 15, Reactions 24, AlleybuxYes for my size. I love it. My older sister wears booty p. Diana Hunter. ed Aug 21, Messages 38, Solutions 1 Reactions16, 4, Alleybux ,, I have a nice ample butt. ed Aug 19, Messages 7, Reactions 25, 3, 3, AlleybuxUnless i wear jeans because they make me look flat.

I like wearing trousers, and skirts because it looks more pronounced. ed Oct 23, Messages 23, Reactions 74, 3, 1, AlleybuxNo and I'm glad I don't.

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The way people especially men dehumanize women with curvy bodies is outrageous. Women always feel the need to apologize for and hide their bodies. I hate that kind of unwanted attention. ed Mar 12, Messages 15, Reactions 42, Alleybux 58, Kyle Hyde.

ed Jul 11, Messages Reactions 1 4 AlleybuxUp in here counting up to the exact inch.

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Kyle Hyde said:. ed Jul 8, Messages 1, Reactions 4 Alleybux King Kunta. ed Sep 20, Messages 6, Reactions 14, Alleybux 30, ed May 6, Messages 7, Reactions 34, AlleybuxNo, but I wish it was a little bigger and rounder. I'm not satisfied with my behind at all. ed Feb 16, Messages 1, Reactions 4, 98 56 AlleybuxMine is pretty big for my body.

44 inch butt

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Girls, with a 44 inch glutes bum is it too big for a guy?