50 shades darker chapter 18

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Sweeney: There are no words. The evidence is now conclusive. Lor: The best and most entertaining part of it all was that we were sent this story about ten times through various social media.

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Please never change. Sweeney: Indeed. Also overwhelming. It felt like people alerting us to impending disaster that needs to be addressed. This is just kind of proof of that too, huh? On that note:. Christian is driving Ana to some sort of big surprise and as soon as she starts describing an affluent neighborhood, wholesome houses and kids playing in yards, I roll my eyes and see where this is going.

Christian drives them up to a property with large metal gates, to which he has the punch code. In detail, we are described the tree lined lane that brings them up to the house. And this happens:. The thought is tantalizing yet makes me feel homesick for some strange reason.

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How odd. Sweeney: You are my favorite person ever. Why are we visiting? So, either Ana is an idiot or James cheats at narration. Or both. Sweeney: Both. Always both. The house is huge, of course, because Grey likes to overcompensate. Everyone head to the liquor cabinet for a shot. Even though random people in this story like to pass by and tell us how smart Ana is, we are reminded that these random people know nothing. He brought you to this empty house with a realtor standing nearby to show you the view.

So glad to see all that reading you do really helped your reasoning skills. Lor: Finally, Grey tells her that he wants to buy the property, demolish it and build a new house for them. Not a range, just five or ten million. Just, you choose.

We were just being polite. Ten shots. Ana asks why he wants to demolish the house and he replies because he wants to build a more sustainable one. Lor: Ana asks the realtor to take them on a tour and she does and the whole house is great. For no reason whatsoever she just called a horse a fiend of Satan.

This is so random. Both are fantastic options. You know, in that laugh bitterly until you cry way. Anyways, Ana says of course she wants to live in Overcompensation Hall and Grey is happy and off they go. Grey is going to take her to celebrate now, and she asks if he means celebrating their new house.

He has to remind her that they are celebrating 50 shades darker chapter 18 fact that she got a completely impossible promotion. NOT unbelievable because this sham of a job is only there to fill s in between you and Grey fucking each other in every sense of the word. Sweeney: Ana, I forget your sham accomplishments all the time too. Ana goes to the bathroom to comply. Why does he affect me so? I slightly resent how easily I fall under his spell. Sweeney: Problems need never be resolved if you just have enough sex!

Especially sex of the only-sort-of-consensual variety. Best problem-solver EVAR. Gotta keep it classy. Now panty-less, Ana goes back out to where Grey is sitting in the restaurant. He feeds her a few without touching her and it heats and bothers her. Ana brings up the NDA and he tells her to tear it up because he trusts her. I gasp out loud. Or a real thing. File that away.

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Sweeney: And so does he, so these eating arguments are ultra-pointless. See: his long history of fucking identical ghost-like individuals, and the fact that he also gives her shit about needing to exercise. The food thing, like everything else, has absolutely nothing to do with concern for her and everything to do with being a controlling tremendodouche.

We leave. I believe you have certain expectations, Miss Steele. Which I intend to fulfill to the best of my ability. Holy shit. He grins and stands. They leave the club and Grey fingers Ana in an elevator full of people. Sweeney: Not just full of people, but one that makes many stops to take on more people. What did I do to deserve this? Christian halts and places those same fingers under my chin, tipping my head back and glaring down at me. I frown at him. He means by not answering his marriage proposal.

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He asks her what he can do to get her to say yes. Because yes, the house, the dinner, the sexy times- all of it- was a manipulation tactic to get Ana to accept his marriage proposal. Lor: They have sex on the foyer table.

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Nothing remarkable happens, unless you count Grey growling at Ana the whole time to keep her eyes open. Because everyone else has jobs they go to, and friendships they maintain. Everyone else has self-control and self-esteem. Ana goes to sleep, dreaming of Overcompensation Hall and a little boy running through it. The next day, Grey leaves for an early meeting and while Ana gets ready for work, she gets an idea for another present for Grey.

In one of his bottom drawers, Ana finds a box full of photographs from the Red Womb of Domestic Violence. Later, she goes into the Red Womb to grab some items as part of her surprise, but the photographs are now haunting her. Sweeney: There are so many things to consider! Lor: Maybe James will release that as a companion to this new journal.

At work, Ana sits down and starts ing Grey. Ana replies that it is for his birthday, but she never hears back from him. Cut to the end of the work day and still no word. She calls and leaves a message and thinks about calling his PA, but decides that would be going too far. Grey would hunt her down. He has hunted her down. Ana invites her to drinks with Josecob that evening. Ana and Josecob go to a bar and make small talk I wish I could care about, if only for your sakes, but I ran out of fucks to give a long time ago.

50 shades darker chapter 18

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The Return of Sandstone and Oysters: Fifty Shades Darker Chapter 18