Addicted to semen

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Sorry, I died laughing at the word cock-tale and couldn't read the rest, being dead and all. Edit: so I was revived and read the rest of it I'm stunned. This must be the most ridiculous thing ever I think every single time I'm on this sub. I must also start producing really good lube with "testosterone" in it and make tonnes of money.

This is obviously well thought out science. There's no testosterone in semen. Or estrogen, for that matter. That and the purpose of most of those additives is to try to protect the sperm from the acidic environment of the vagina.

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Nothing to do with addicting women to your semen. There's no testosterone in any OTC supplements that I know of either. It's all micronutrients and precursor molecules. You'd be fucking with nutritional suppliment goo which is ,I imagine, the secret recipe for yeast infections. Wait, so Shit, I've been doing it wrong this whole time! This 'man Is so incorrect it hurts. Like my science-sense is tingling. Oxytocin is mainly produced by neurons which are located in the brain and extend to the posterior pituitary where it is released in the blood. From here it can act on tissues for its traditional peripheral effects uterine contractions and milk letdown.

Yes, there is a study that found small amounts of a of compounds in semen, but if you don't have a receptor for it in that tissue it won't DO anything. Typically oxytocin is broken down within about 20 minutes.

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Oxytocin is not addictive. Addiction works in specific ways, and oxytocin does not work in this fashion. Oxytocin is not a peptide that does one thing. It is not the 'love' hormone, nor is it the 'bonding' hormone. It does many things in many situations and affects a suite of behaviors in mammals. Man I really should have spoken up when the nurses were giving my friend oxytocin after a premature baby. Also, men who have a vasectomy cannot possibly have a partner that loves them as much as they would if they didn't have a vasectomy.

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So when your body releases oxytocin when you hug someone or pet an animal Where does the testosterone come from???? Just looks like a bad case of gunna use big words to sound smart. Oxytocin is released in great quantities during breastfeeding so checkmate testosterone.

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I think this has got to be a dangerous troll, like those "microwave your iPhone" ones. Trans men use testosterone gel for physical transition. Depending on what the idiot thinks "a small amount" is, and how often they're having sex, his "sorcery" could give his partner more body hair and clitoral growth within a couple of months. Using testosterone gel has made me very happy because I wanted to get hairier and grow a little dick. A cis woman is likely to find it pretty depressing though, and when she's gone to the doctor and they've figured out what it is, the resulting legal action will make the idiot depressed as well.

Hopefully, anyone who believes this sort of crap isn't likely to have a partner anyway, or is likely to use some sort of cheap herbal supplement instead of actual testosterone gel. Yeah, I really don't think that Addicted to semen applying T to their GF's genitals is going to have the these idiots want. I wonder if there's some legal action that could be takenif they're actually stupid enough to do this? Because it's honestly pretty horrifying that a man would feel entitled enough to a woman's body to do something like this without her consent.

There's got to be same way this isn't legal because it sure as hell isn't moral.

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Isn't testosterone also a controlled substance? As in, you had to go to probably many doctors and have it prescribed to you? I'm not imagining a situation where you can just "run down to the store and pick up" testosterone gel. Found the internet!

Semen is literally addicting, and you can replicate the effects by mixing testosterone into lube, apparently. Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. Honestly I'm hoping it's satire.

Continue this thread. This text was propably written by a testosterone cream salesman. The snake oil of the 21st century! As someone who studies the effects of oxytocin for a living I feel dumber just typing that out. Or anyone who has a vagina and uses condoms.

Or pulls out.

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It can also cause vaginal dryness so More posts from the badwomensanatomy community. Women are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Except their vaginas which are sqwicky and attract bears. Created Jan 2, Top posts january 22nd Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.

Addicted to semen

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Are you addicted to semen?