Aisha clan clan hot spring

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Next. Physiology This is a complex category, but at least we've witnessed enough to write quite a lot. We'll break it down into sections.

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Tough Skin Anybody who's watched Outlaw Star can probably recall that Aisha Clanclan's skin can withstand even what would normally be considered the deepest of cuts. Gene Starwind's blade that was able to cut through Death Rob's cyborg body was smashed to pieces by Aisha's in the fifth episode.

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Having said that, in the same episode Aisha explained that her skin's toughness is amplified increasingly by her beast state. In other words you probably shouldn't call her an animal when she's really starting to look like one. In the fourteenth episode The Final Countdown Aisha was able to swipe away a bullet. Suzuka was also able to deflect one with her bokken, although that's hardly surprising as she can slice a truck in two with it.

Whether a Ctarl-Ctarl could survive a gunshot point-blank is unknown.

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We're about to cover this, but a Ctarl-Ctarl's skin isn't impervious to lasers. It's plausible that humans used laser weapons against the Ctarl-Ctarl in past conflicts when traditional guns would not work. A Ctarl-Ctarl's skin can also handle heat surprisingly well.

Aisha even found extremely hot water as comfortable as we'd find a hot spring. Regenerative Healing Abilities After Gene treated Aisha to a meal at Blue Heaven and she still threatened him, he used a caster shell on her. This was very likely a non-lethal shell deed to only paralyse temporarily.

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Nevertheless she quickly recovered from the attack. If you paid good attention while watching Outlaw Star you'd have noticed she can also recover from much worse things rather quickly

Aisha clan clan hot spring

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