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In UndergroundAldis Hodge bares his soul as Noah, a slave who makes the decision to escape from a Georgia plantation.

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And that was the very first scene we shot the first day… Talk about no time to prepare. He just has that way about him. It also reminds me that I may be on the right path.

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If I'm in the room with this caliber of person, I may be making some smart decisions or getting really, really lucky. After starring alongside Ali and Janelle Monae in Hidden FiguresHodge had a special appreciation for their other much-lauded project, Moonlight.

Like, you know what, it's OK to congratulate somebody else when it's their moment.

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It's good to acknowledge someone when it's their time. You have to.

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It's nice that that film was recognized right now because we need to engage more tolerance and more understanding and more cultural growth and evolution in how we see Americans who are black, how we see Americans who are gay, how we see Americans who are living in impoverished societies where they need help. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors.

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