Alphys x asgore

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Home fanfiction undertale My opinion on undertale ships Alphys x Asgore. My opinion on undertale ships Alphys x Asgore « Next ». Thanks to Novel HD for the suggestion so I haven"t read shit ion this Alphys x asgore let me go do that So I searched and searched but alas nothing to be found though i saw sansgore crap might talk bout it later anyway I"ll base this off the game and uh well in the game alphys kinda and don"t quote me seems to have found him goid looking at least honestly idk whats up with alphys she"s kinda weird like that to almost everyone but im p sure that"s cuz she is breaking the 4th wall most of the time like that time toriel said who would wanna be with an old lady like me and alphys said "a lot of people" that could be taken as alphys flirting but she"s just ya know breaking the boundaries between the game and real life so not technically flirting so it"s possible she was doing the same to asgore lmao auto keeps changing asgore to ashore lmao yes i know it means ashore like referring to a boat but it"s funny cuz asshore ashore okay imma stop Anyway this ship is Thanks to Novel HD welcome to my community enjoy your stay Novel HD been a while how you doing Novel HD I remember for the short while when silver was gone it was just me and you good time Novel HD I forgot to shout you out a lot and im sorry for that and you haven"t been back recently but maybe your busy also you read the manga for demon slayer or are you anime only I think that"s everyone have a good Alphys x asgore y"all my you"re all my family and if you ever need advice in anything in life i might not sound like the wise guru type but trust me ik a lot and got a lot of advice since I"ve seen and been through a lot.

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