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When Gina Rose Napolitano was a freshman in college, she received an unexpected call from the Granby police. An officer asked if a teacher at her high school had sexual contact with her. She said no. That was in earlyand she was still communicating with the man she believed to be her first love. At a legislative hearing last week, she said she was involved with Caleb Parsons, then a math teacher at the MacDuffie School, from her sophomore year there into her first year of college.

The first time they had sexual contact, she was He was in his 20s and a popular teacher at the private school in Granby. She said her relationship with Parsons, who is almost nine years her senior, had her questioning her self-worth. Her moods were dependent on whether he responded to her texts.

When Napolitano, now studying to be a teacher herself, learned that Parsons may still be working with young people in another state, she decided to not only go back to the police, but go public with her story. By speaking out, Napolitano hopes to be a cog in an effort to update consent laws in Massachusetts. Because she was 16 when she says there was sexual contact, her allegations are not criminal under Massachusetts consent law. Joan Lovely D-Salem has filed legislation that would raise the age of consent from 16 to 19 for sexual contact between educators and students of the same school district.

For students with special needs, the age of consent would be The law would also affect employees of state social service agencies. On Wednesday, Sept. One called for the update to the consent law, the other for changes to staff training, youth education, and reporting procedures for adults suspecting child abuse.

They are not there to be preyed upon by the individuals that are responsible for overseeing them. Those who shared testimony included youth advocates, experts, and three individuals, including Napolitano, who identified as victims of educator abuse. Sternman said the proposed legislation is now in the hands of the t Committee on Education. The board can then recommend the bills, as written or with amendments, to the Senate Rules or Ways and Means committees. Lovely is vice chairwoman of the education board, chairwoman of the Rules committee, and a member of Ways and Means.

Napolitano never had Parsons as a teacher. She met him while participating in the MacDuffie School theater program. Parsons, she recalls, was playing a minor role, as was common for MacDuffie School faculty. Napolitano, then 15, developed a crush on Parsons, whom she saw regularly at rehearsals for the musical. She learned he never had stuffed animals as due to allergies and presented him Amber jennings naked a hypoallergenic toy dog named Tiberius.

While still a sophomore, she sought out Parsons to record her performance in a school talent show and her the video. She said he agreed, and from there, they began conversing through their school s. She said he sent her photographs of Tiberius, the toy dog she gave him. He also recommended songs. For Christmas, he made her a card and gave her an online access code to a video game called To The Moon, she said. She said they ed and exchanged gifts for over a year before they kissed after an evening play rehearsal, and that she was 16 the first time they had sexual contact.

She told the Advocate she lost her virginity to Parsons after graduation, in an AirBnb in August She said Parsons ended the relationship later that month, but they remained in touch for several months. Before that, she said her friend Amber jennings naked the teacher just appeared close. She said Napolitano became fixated on the prospect of continuing her relationship with Parsons into adulthood.

But I did notice that. I noticed her completely infatuated Amber jennings naked the idea to start a real-life relationship with a teacher. Napolitano said the experience exacerbated existing mental health problems, including severe anxiety and depression. She said she told Parsons she had attempted suicide in the past. At the hearing, she said she suffered from PTSD and a lingering distrust of men that has taken therapy to address. Griffin confirmed that Parsons is no longer employed at the MacDuffie School, but did not provide details.

He said the employee handbook is a confidential document and declined to share the specific text of the policy he referenced. Napolitano said Granby police called her in February to ask if she and Parsons had sexual contact while she was a student. She said it is her understanding that Parsons only admitted to the sexual contact that occurred after she graduated.

MacDuffie has both day and boarding students. Napolitano became a boarding student at the start of her senior year. Napolitano said she heard from a friend that Parsons is now directing community theater in New Hampshire. According to an interview posted to YouTube by a New Hampshire television station, Parsons was directing a production in the greater Sunapee area in fall Like other attempts made by the Advocate over several weeks, an attempt to reach Parsons through the theater company was unsuccessful.

Napolitano said Granby officers told her they learned of her relationship with Parsons through an anonymous tip. She still does not know who provided the tip, but would like to thank the individual. When she went back to the police this year, she said Granby officers were apologetic when they told her that because she was 16 the first time she and Parsons had sexual contact, criminal charges were unlikely.

I told them that I believed that I could not have consented, and they basically apologized for the way the law was constructed. Granby Police Chief Alan Wishart said state law prohibits his department from releasing or confirming reports of sex crimes. Napolitano provided the Advocate with a copy of the statement she said she submitted to Granby police. When the Advocate asked Wishart for his thoughts on Sen.

I support anything that does that. In the video of the Sept. They were sought out and preyed on. Wojnar, the Dudley chief, said authority figures who abuse their power in this way create long-term consequences for victims. How has that now tainted them as far as their future relationships?

Speaking with the AdvocateBernier said even with consent law as it stands, an option for Napolitano and other adults who believe they were subject to past abuse is to file a civil complaint. Lovely, who was Amber jennings naked attorney before becoming a full-time legislator, said while a civil action can result in monetary damages, a criminal finding can result in jail time. She said her proposed legislation would allow a student to file a criminal complaint against an alleged abuser. Wojnar said he has been rallying for a change in consent laws since his department investigated a report of a Dudley schoolteacher having sex with a male student in Because the victim was 16, there was no criminal finding until the teacher, Amber Jennings, admitted to sending nude photos to the student and pled guilty to disseminating harmful materials to a minor.

She was sentenced to two years of probation, lost her teachingand was ordered to stay away from the victim. But Wojnar, then a father of two school-aged children, was disheartened to learn there was no crime in adults having sexual relationships with minors under their supervision.

He said abusers often seek out young people in a particular age group, so a teacher, for example, gets a new pool of potential victims each year. According to a study released by the U. Lovely said her goal is to prevent these abuses, but if the abuse cannot be prevented, then to ensure there be consequences. Photographed Saturday, July 13,in Northampton. Multiple attempts by the Advocate to reach Parsons were unsuccessful.

A relationship develops Napolitano never had Parsons as a teacher. By Mayshe said, she was no longer in contact with Parsons. Limitations of the law Napolitano said Granby officers told her they learned of her relationship with Parsons through an anonymous tip. Napolitano said filing a civil charge remains a future possibility.

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