Andrew garfield underwear

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Aunt May : What happened to your face? It's filthy.

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Peter Parker : It is? Aunt May : Yes! Peter Parker : Oh, yeah, yeah, I was cleaning the chimney. Aunt May : We have no chimney. Peter Parker : Whaaat? Gwen Stacy : I'm coming with you. Spider-Man : Gwen, you're not coming with me. Gwen Stacy : Yes, I am. Spider-Man : Gwen, it's too dangerous. I've seen the grid specs and I know how to reset the entire system. Spider-Man : Gwen. Gwen Stacy : I'm coming with you! You need me! Spider-Man : Okay, shut up. You're coming with me! Shut the thing. Spider-Man : [swinging away] Sorry. I love you. Don't hate me. Harry Osborn : It's been 10 years.

What have you been up to? Peter Parker : I do some web des. Peter Parker : Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter how many lives I protect, no matter how many people call me a hero, someone even more Andrew garfield underwear could change everything.

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Aunt May : Hey, wait. What are you doing? No, I do the laundry. Peter Parker : I'm doing my laundry. Aunt May : No, I do the laundry. No, I this is my job. I've been doing your laundry since you were 6 years old. Peter Parker : I understand that.

I'm in college now. I think it's time I took care of my own dirty underwear. Aunt May : Last time you did it, you turned everything blue and red, so no. Peter Parker : That was a mistake. Because I washing the American flag. Can I just please just?

Aunt May : No one washes a flag. Peter Parker : I do, and I won't anymore. Aunt May : This is my machine. Peter Parker : Fine. It's just underwear. Aunt May : This is laundry, my home, my machine. Back off, eat your breakfast.

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Peter Parker : All right, laundry sheriff. I'll do it later. Peter Parker : I'm so sorry I'm late, I had a traffic thing. Gwen Stacy : Did your "traffic jam" have anything to do with, I don't know, being shot at by machine guns? Peter Parker : Yeah, I was implying that. Aleksei Sytsevich : [waves his rhino suit's metal fists] You fight me! You fight me now! Spider-Man : You want me to come down there so you can kill me? Aleksei Sytsevich : Yes! Spider-Man : Okay, I'll be right there. Electro : You're too late, Spider-Man. I deed this power grid.

Now I'm gonna take back what is rightfully mine. I will control everything. And I will be Andrew garfield underwear a god to them. Spider-Man : A god named Sparkles? Peter Parker : Did you get my message? Gwen Stacy : What message? Peter Parker : The message right there.

Gwen Stacy : Oh, that. That was you? Peter Parker : Don't do that. Gwen Stacy : I couldn't make it out. Peter Parker : I'll tell you what it says. Says, "I love you. And no offence, but you're wrong. Gwen Stacy : I'm wrong about what? Peter Parker : You're wrong about us being on different paths. We're not on different paths. You're my path. And you're always gonna be my path.

And I know there's a million reasons why we shouldn't be together. I know that. But I'm tired of them. I'm tired of every single one of them. We've all gotta make a choice. Well, I choose you. So, here's my thought. Both of us.

Andrew garfield underwear

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The amazing underwear: What made Andrew Garfield so sleek and flawless up there