Angel tower of power

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Los Angeles—based conceptual artist Chris Burden is well-known for his performance art pieces of the s, including Shoota response to the Vietnam War in which he had a friend shoot him in the arm with a.

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In other works of self-peril, the artist was electrocuted, kidnapped, nailed, drowned, or lay immobile under a sheet of glass. Influenced by Marcel Duchamp and Dadaism and his interest in science and engineering, Burden has also created installations, models, toys, and kinetic and static sculptures, such as a rubber-band-powered model plane launched within a Concorde in flight.

About the work. New Museum. New York. Medium Installation. Courtesy New Museum, New York. Photo: Benoit Pailley. Chris Burden. American, — Blue-chip Represented by internationally recognized galleries. Selected exhibitions.

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One hundred one-kilo 32 oz gold bricks, 16 matchstick men, vitrine wood, marble, and glass. Location New York. Want to sell a work by this artist? Con with Artsy. Selected exhibitions 3. Series by this artist. Navigate left Navigate right.

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Other works from Chris Burden: Extreme Measures. View all. Ghost Ship. Porsche with Meteorite. The Big Wheel. Beam Drop. Mexican Bridge. Triple 21 Foot Truss Bridge. Other works by Chris Burden. Married Gemini G. Tower of London Bridge Galerie Krinzinger.

Contact for Price. Big Pointy 3 Curved Bridge Indo-China Bridge Draw Bridges Crown Point Press. Submarine Related works. Most Similar. Architecture's Effects.

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The Angel of New Jersey Vohn Gallery. Blue Laments Arno Schellmann Art. Instant House Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Frame Device Hammer Museum. Heat by Joyce Carol Oats Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art.

Pharaoh Fetish Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery. Permanent collection. Mecox Bay Everything will be taken away 21 Installation view Related artists. Bruce Nauman. American, b. Lee Lozano. Ana Mendieta. Serbian, b. Show more.

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Angel tower of power

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Wings of Power