Anime assasin girl

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We often recommend media and products we like. If you buy anything through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Action-packed anime fight scenes can make an anime series more exciting, but political intrigue and assassination missions can provide unique thrills and suspense beyond brawls. Related: Crazy anime plot twists about characters.

Anime is great because a lot of the best assassins are female characters with strong personalities. Here are some of the best female anime assassins who are skilled in their ways and awesome to behold.

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Funimation offers unlimited streaming for hundreds of anime series and movies subbed or dubbedwithoutat an affordable price. Try it out for FREE for 14 days! Himiko managed to infiltrate the Provisional Hero Exam and made contact with Izuku Midoriya, and she has a vicious bloodlust that makes her quite dangerous behind her childish attitude. Related: Why is My Hero Academia so popular?

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Cancel at any time without losing the rest of the trial. Start your free trial! Of all the characters in the Strawhat Pirates crew, Nico Robin is most assassin-esque with her Hana Hana no Mi, which allows her to sprout any part of her body anywhere and control it remotely.

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No wonder she was a top officer of the Baroque Works before she befriended Luffy. Chianti is a sniper in the assassination division of the Black Organization.

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Related: The best mystery anime series. Irina Jelavic is still one of the best female anime assassins—not just in Assassination Classroom but in all of anime—who uses her beauty and charm to perfectly execute assassinations on targets. That one scene where she becomes a misdirection for the students to pass through tight security during the Assassination Island Arc shows that her abilities and skills are top-notch indeed. Related: The saddest anime moments and scenes. Yet even without her acquired ability, she can fight well with her elegant acrobatic skills and swordsmanship.

Akame ga Kill!

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A sharp blade is useless in untrained hands, but in the case of Akame she is one with the sword. Related: The most dark and epic anime series. Chocola is one of the Misu sisters in the anime series Sorcerer HuntersAnime assasin girl is one of the most potent killer beauties in anime. With her garrote, she can tame any rampaging beast in an instant. As far as badass female anime assassins go, Alphard Al Sheya of the series Canaan will always be near the top of the list.

Alphard is Anime assasin girl of the most important villains in Canaanand her unmatched instincts, movements, feelings, and skills present an overwhelming force of murder. Like many anime antagonists, Alphard believes in hatred as the source of power to overcome anything that hinders her. Related: The most epic anime theme songs. Vermouth manages to make contact with Conan many times throughout Case Closed also called Detective Conan.

If she really intended to eliminate him on behalf of the Organization, she could do so in the blink of an eye. For her stealthy abilities and lethal skills, she tops our list as the best female anime assassin of all time. Read next: The most popular female anime characters. We all know what fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and thriller mean. But anime and manga go beyond that, and there are all kinds of Japanese genre names that might perplex you.

Maybe you already understand what shonen and shoujo are all about. But what about isekai? What exactly does slice of life entail? Understanding the Japanese genre names can be helpful when you want to find more anime to watch and manga to read. Download the printable PDF below and pin it on your wall so you always have a handy reference at hand:. Anime series are rife with assassin-type characters, and many of them are female. Related: Crazy anime plot twists about characters Anime is great because a lot of the best assassins are female characters with strong personalities. Chianti of Black Organization.

Irina Jelavic as a teacher. Kyoka Izumi of Armed Detective Agency. Akame with her sword Murasame.

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Chocola Misu in her battle outfit. Alphard Al Sheya. Vermouth of Black Organization. The 6 Best Mystery Anime Series.

Anime assasin girl

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20 Best Anime Assassin Characters: Listing Our Lethal Favorites