Anime farm boy

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Some farm boys like to dress to impress.

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A staple of fantasy adventures. Farmy is typically very whiny and resistant to the idea of being the Chosen One but eventually accepts the idea. Generally, he's the son of somebody important -- either the Big Bad or The Dragon -- or else from an ancient line of wizards or kings and raised by an aunt or uncle.

To make things safer, any such heritage will be spoiler marked, no matter how obvious. Does not have to be male, but almost always is.

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One common beginning for The Hero's Journey. Rural counterpart of the urban Ordinary High School Student. Very common in stories set in the past, because pre-industrialization, and for most of the history of human civilization, most people were farmers. This is such an old trope it's died and been reborn several times already [1]and there are a few traditional ways for the story to pan out.

Generally, the kid will either go from Rags to Riches or even all the way to Royaltyor he'll reject the strange new world he's saved and return home to accept the Call to Agriculture.

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As David Eddings a major user of this trope explained in The Rivan Codex, it is a good way to explain how your fantasy world works within the context of the story. The reader learns the rules along with the main character. I only work in outer space. Cooper : She was born in in a barn.

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Anime farm boy

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