Anime girl with eyepatch

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Anime girls have all sorts of accessories and visual effects to give them personality. Glasses, cat ears, maid uniforms, pigtails, you name it. But the eye patch is among the most underrated accessories in anime. And an eye patch on a girl can mean any of things. But motivations aside, here are 10 of the coolest girls to sport the eye-patch look — and surprisingly, not a single one of them is a pirate.

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Go figure. For someone who starts out trying to blow up an entire school full of kids, Minene Uryuu becomes an incredibly sympathetic character as the events of Mirai Nikki unfold. You see exactly what happens to her left eye in the series, and that makes the eyepatch itself that much more ificant as you get to know her.

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Not quite a protagonist, not quite an antagonist, Minene acts as sort of a rogue agent throughout the survival game. Minene has clear, sympathetic motivations but often questionable methods. Rikka Takanashi is an unusual girl. What can we expect from this? But the mystery of exactly what is one of the major components of Another. Sofia Valmer, better known as Valmet in the series, is a former Finnish officer who lost her right eye on a peacekeeping mission in Africa.

Because of this, she feels extremely uneasy anytime she sets foot in Africa. But despite her traumatic past, she tends to keep a pretty upbeat personality. She is in love with Koko, her boss, and has remained a talented fighter with knives. What if, instead, the eye patch is a transformation mechanic? And heart-shaped! Kiyu Nanohana is just a normal, albeit popular, year-old girl.

But why Anime girl with eyepatch she need to do that? In actuality, she just has an obsession with pulling animal tails, and that le to situations where she needs bandages, as you would expect. She also admit she often just wears the bandages for the attention. She also helps Hestia and Bell by forging a dagger for Bell that grows in strength as he does. Like Minene Uryuu, Hilda spends the entirely of the series popping up at key moments and switching sides.

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Her left eye contains the soul of a dragon, for starters. One of those personalities is a psychosexual battle freak. The other is a shy, demure girl who wears a heart-shaped eye patch and works at a cat maid cafe. You must be logged in to post a comment. Image Credit: My Anime List. Related posts:. Vanguard [Recommendations]. Top 10 Best Psycho Anime [Recommendations].

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Dean Holden. Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Slice of Life. School Life. Magical Girl. Gun Action. Sword Fighting. Gender Bender. Fan Service. Old Anime. Martial Arts. Awesome Females. Reverse Harem. Funny Characters. Plot Twist. Kemonomimi Girls.

Eye-Patched Girls.

Anime girl with eyepatch

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