Anime male with purple hair

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Hollywood Zam. Unusual hair colors are a common occurrence in the anime world. Characters are differentiated by them, and their personalities are defined by them. Despite this, purple-haired men in anime are still a rarity.

We can see from this list that purple hair is still reserved for minor characters. They represent people who are odd, unusual, or quiet. We hope that in the future, purple-haired characters will be able to break through this barrier and take on the lead role. We found ten purple-haired men who are either the most well-known or best represent the best characteristics associated with the purple hair stereotype.

However, not everything in this world is perfect. In this ruthless group, James was the goofball. What fans adore about him is his relationship with Jessie and his refusal to conform to gender roles. That is why he is ranked tenth rather than first on this list. On this list, James is probably the most well-known character with purple hair. She had nowhere to turn after her mother died, so she decides to try to be self-sufficient.

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Yuki is disgusted by her situation and takes her to his family. It is quickly decided that she can remain with that family on the condition that she keep their Zodiac secret. Yuki is in pain and constantly feels alone, despite his outward kindness. This is where Tooru steps in to help him feel better. Yuki represents the calm side of anime boys with purple hair.

This classic anime has been on the air for more than two decades and is still going strong. It follows the training of two ninjas. This is a show that rivals the ever-popular Doraemon in terms of popularity among children. It certainly reaches that status, having been on the air for over 20 years and having produced several films. We chose Kirimaru Settsuno because several of the characters in the show have purple hair. This is a silly, endearing character whose antics will make you laugh out loud. Kirimaru personifies the purple-haired side character to a tee.

We follow two exorcists as they learn more about the two sides of the world in Blue Exorcist. Assiah and Gehenna represent the world we know and the world of demons, respectively. Satan wants to take control of Assiah and rule both the human and demon worlds. Rin swears to stop him, and we him on his quest to learn more about exorcism. Mephisto Pheles is the epitome of a strange purple-haired figure. Mephisto is the principal of the school where the two brothers are students, and he tutors them.

Starry Sky is a dreamy anime about a high school that was ly Anime male with purple hair all-boys school but has recently opened its doors to female students.

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Yahisa Tsukiko, the protagonist, is currently the only female student at this school. We begin the series with Henri, also known as Yoh, on the hunt for his childhood love and a fascination with the night sky. He came to this school in the hopes of reuniting with her. We learn about the many boys in the show who represent the constellations in the sky throughout the show.

Tsubasa has loved inventing things since he was. We see him trying to accept his unique nature and individuality rather than caring what others think in the show. In stark contrast to his shy and unassuming nature, he towers over the other characters in this show. He becomes friends with the other members of the student council after being literally dragged into it.

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Tsubasa, the purple-haired character, has a neurotic side to him. Man-eating ghouls terrorize the city in this world, and ordinary people try to carry on with their lives despite the danger. He now has to fight his instincts to kill and eat human flesh.

He is fortunate in that he is aided by other ghouls during his transformation, but his struggles are far from over. He is an eccentric man who becomes obsessed with Kaneki right away and vows to protect him so that he can eat him alone. This is in stark contrast to the aristocratic image he portrays of himself and other gourmets, all of whom we learn are insane. The Shinsengumi save Chizuru Yukimura when she is rescued from a couple of rabid samurai. The Shinsengumi were a Japanese militia that served the Shogunate in the late s.

Their mission was to keep the peace and protect the people. Chizuru is followed by Hakuouki as she s the Shinsengumi and continues her search for her father. But what secrets does she uncover about this illustrious society?

With a reputation for being cold and direct, Hajime debunks the notion that purple hair can only be associated with frivolous or lighthearted characters. You risk being stung by his candor because he is unable to sugarcoat anything he says. However, his harshness stems from a genuine concern for your well-being. You will fall in love with Hajime, just as many other girls have, if you can look past his cold demeanor and see his warm, true feelings. You are thrust into the middle of a murder investigation in this anime. Three bodies have been discovered on the outskirts of Sotoba village, a very remote town with a of strange occurrences.

Yuuki Natsuno is the protagonist of this anime. Finally, a main character with purple hair is introduced! He has the cold demeanor that a purple-haired character is known for. However, as more people are discovered dead, he becomes more interested in finding answers. You can count on Goku and his allies to save the day when the world is in danger. In Dragon Ball Z, there is only one character with purple hair.

Trunks is a time-traveling badass who Anime male with purple hair back in time to prevent the destruction of the future. Everyone on Earth was killed by androids in his future, leaving him alone. As a result, Trunks travels back in time to save Goku and alter the future. We get to see two sides of Trunks in the show. Because of his dark future, adult Trunks is serious and powerful, whereas kid Trunks is an obnoxious little brat. With his best friend Goten, he enjoys laughing and joking around. Trunks is a classic character who must be included in any list of the best purple-haired anime boys.

Sinbad, on the other hand, takes the top spot because he appears in more than one anime. He now has his own anime, The Adventures of Sinbad, which delves into his backstory after being a major supporting character in Anime male with purple hair The Labyrinth of Magic.

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In The Adventure of Sinbad, we learn how he became the conqueror he is today. Sinbad, however, is an exception.

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Without a doubt, the answer is no! May 20, 0. Foxes appeared frequently in traditional Japanese folklore. They were depicted as divine beings with limitless knowledge at times, and as shape-shifting tricksters at other times. The kitsune is now a.

Anime male with purple hair

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