Anime torture scene

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Their goal? Ostensibly take revenge for the police torturing the captured terrorist. But the real reason is even more insidious.

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Only an arbitrary act by an independent Magical Girl can Anime torture scene the stalemate. Will Asuka once again act to save a friend? Will Kurumi Mugen help her? And even if they both decide to attempt a rescue, will they be in time? Note : Please be aware that this episode contains graphic scenes of torture that go well beyond the implied scenes in episodes. If this sort of thing troubles you, best avoid this episode. Bad, damn… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream. As he protested, she dropped the bomb: if they allow Abigail to torture Nozomi to death, the public outcry will be so great that the government will have no choice but to fund them But wait, you might reasonably say.

It was a compelling moment — and it provided the motivation for Asuka to go back into action. Interesting — and relevant — idea! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream. That set the stage for this idea. Asuka and Kurumi were completely in sync during the rescue operation. They also stayed on mission: They got Nozomi out of there! It was a treat to see Asuka and Kurumi fighting side by side, starting with Asuka incapacitating the first guardKurumi injecting him with Magical Girl truth serum, and Asuka asking him tactically relevant questions.

Asuka pretended to surrender by dropping her karambit But she and Kurumi had either Anime torture scene for this contingency, or they were so used to fighting alongside each other that they knew exactly what to do. As soon as the blade bounced on the floor, Kurumi fired the harpoon-like needle from her hypodermic and pinned Abigail to the cement wall.

Kurumi had shown no hesitation. She fired with the resolve and precision of a well-trained solider. Instead, Asuka began firing her magical pistol at the two Russians while Kurumi and her magical familiar cut the last chain holding Nozomi. As Kurumi ran from the room carrying the injured girl, Asuka threw a grenade and retreated. Their goal was to rescue Nozomi, and they stuck to the plan. Their discipline and teamwork were amazing to watch. In terms of raw tension and dread, the scene where Abigail talked to a bound and gagged Nozomi about grilling meat was absolutely fantastic — in that it was absolutely terrifying Each scissor slice through the meat, each mention of grilling perfection, kicked the intensity up a notch.

If only it had stopped there…. I thought the torture scene bordered on excessive, though it did give me an appreciation for just how dangerous these villains are.

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The way they used the Rusalka was particularly chilling. From that perspective, the scene did what it was supposed to do. If I had to take exception with anything, it was that Abigail monologued so much with the two Russian sorcerers. Though she does seem to like to hear herself talk…. This is as much of the torture scene that I want to show. The scene may have been dramatically Anime torture scene, but I still found it difficult to watch. The scene had another effect on me: it gave me insight into why Kurumi acted the way she did in the episode.

You remember how she was acting border-line tsundere and made me wonder if Nozomi and Sayako Hata were even safe with Kurumi around? I think I figured it out. Have you ever watched your own mode of perception and thought change? As I watched the torture scene, I could sense my mind changing modes. Based on my conversations with people who were ex-military or were or are police officers or to a lesser extent, fire fightersthose feelings can persist for a long time. I guess one way to put it would be that once you face a life and death situation, it changes your perspective.

Did you see how well Asuka and Kurumi fought together? They showed the practiced ease of two warriors who had done this kind of thing hundreds of times before. They had faced life and death together; each had depended on the other to bring her home safely. The Kurumi in this episode acts far Anime torture scene from the Kurumi in the episode. Of course Kurumi would be dismissive to the point of anger. Frivolous concerns like who likes who in high school would be laughable compared to the willingness Anime torture scene take a bullet for someone. But did you notice the one time that Kurumi took Sayako seriously in episode 3?

To Kurumi, that was a real problem, something worthy of notice. In this episode, as she and Asuka went back into battle, you could see just how resolute she was. She was no longer trying to navigate the social mores of a high school. Instead, she was doing something that was familiar to her; something that now defines her life. Kurumi showed no more hesitation or tsundere behavior or even doubts. She knew exactly what she had to do. It was almost like she was home. What did you think of this episode? What were your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments! Some time […]. Who is she?

Is she another Souma? Why is Momiji […]. That, and Sachuu punching things. Thanks for sharing your perspective! I can certainly understand and respect that! I did a lot of thinking about the scene. Your moment 1 elicited an eyeroll for me. However, they do stick to their guns. And it has some genuinely good moments I remember none from this episode, though. But overall I have little to say.

Still, the idea of political necessity overruling morality is topical. The show still has my attention, but it danced really close to the edge with the length of that torture scene…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious. Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Like this: Like Loading Related Articles. Anime List Review Archive. July 18, December 28, tcrow. Anime Best in Show. May 22, December 18, tcrow.

February 2, February 2, tcrow. Pingback: Anime Winter — Week 4 Roundup! I think you have a point about Kurumi; it makes sense with how she acted.

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The show still has my attention, but it danced really close to the edge with the length of that torture scene… Loading Please let me know what you think! Cancel reply.

Anime torture scene

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