Anthony davis hazing

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Just 1 day after Anthony Davis had a career game against the Lakers and the NBA sent out a memo to all 30 teams notifying them that no form of bullying or hazing is acceptable, a Vine video of Anthony Davis back in college went viral. AD is laughing throughout the video and is obviously not in any pain and could get up if he wanted to.

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It can lead to PR nightmares that nobody wants to deal with especially after seeing the coverage of the current Miami Dolphins controversy and bullying in schools such a hot topic and issue. Via ESPN. Also prohibited, sources said, is requiring an individual to unreasonably pay for meals, travel, entertainment expenses, goods or services that are being solely enjoyed by others as well as imposing physical activities on a fellow player — such as exposure to weather, confinement in a restricted area, or consumption of food, liquid or substance — that le to unreasonable risk for the individual or adversely affects their mental or physical health or safety.

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