Anthophobia full save

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Forums Main Hentai Hentai Games. Thread starter Sourjelly Start date Jun 23, action anthophobia horror plants. Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev 67 of 71 Go to. ed Oct 10, Messages 2 Reputation score 0. I assume she's associated with gold card 11? Sourjelly Demon Girl Master. ed Apr 2, Messages Reputation score Sourjelly said:. Lazka Grim Reaper. ed Dec 4, Messages Reputation score Anthophobe said:.

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You must be registered to see the links. ed Mar 20, Messages 6 Reputation score 0. Rsync Demon Girl Pro. ed Mar 30, Messages Reputation score MBudget Demon Girl. ed Dec 25, Messages Reputation score Tenchi Demon Girl. ed Sep 14, Messages Reputation score Beat the game and got most things unlocked. I am missing the "Witness fusion," bugged "Watch comforting? Anyone have hints for those? I'm currently out of ideas. Still missing gallery images as well. They show one achievement when you pick them up but unlock a different one in the Achievements section.

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Card 13 unlocks the achievement for Card 10 unlocks the achievement for Card 11 unlocks the achievement for And so on. Might just be my save but it's weird. I did get all the Anthophobia full save in the end so just a minor issue. Found Boss 7 to be annoying with no checkpoint between parts but once I got used to him he wasn't too hard. Sentry Ammo was important--didn't notice the big crate at first :x Final shooting sequence was pretty easy even on Survival Hard.

I only died once the first time at the very end. I even used the keyboard! Mouse would be even easier. MetroidSuperFan Newbie. ed May 20, Messages Reputation score Don't know what the ificance is of "Spring is coming" wouldn't that be a bad thing since the plants would grow even more in spring than in winter?

What has changed other than the giant tree sprouted up and walked away? But I assume Sourjelly's sequel they've mentioned will address that. I still have the hardest time with boss 5. Rest of the bosses I can manage if I don't do anything stupid, but I haven't found a good way to reliably avoid that thing's attacks, especially when it starts throwing out those bouncing white globs.

Anthophobia 2. Spoiler tags contain more detail. You control your level of spoilers! General Tips How do I unlock stages 4 and 5? You do not need to Anthophobia full save the stages. How do I unlock the 2. How do I unlock Gallery images? Do not select "Continue" or "Restart from Checkpoint" or it won't unlock the image. The rest are unlocked by beating the game or getting certain achievements. How do I unlock the 5th gallery image on 3? How do I beat the long hallway sequence with G. Girl Bunny Girl? Girl much. She's tough.

Use your Molotovs wisely and female zombies to help you. More tips inside. Spoiler Imposters tree monsters only come from the right side.

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Kitty Zombie can heal you hold E and create items. Spoiler First, make sure to shoot the small flyers that shoot black balls at you.

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They blind you. The big tall zombies that shoot red balls will slow your rate of fire.

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Try to shoot those down. With patience you can beat it. Spoiler "-calluna-" - Adds a 3rd person FPS mode where you can use your mouse to shoot things! Left click is to shoot and right-click is a grenade. From 1. Pressing more than once goes to the next checkpoint. Numpad works better. Same as "-crocus-" but it adds s 8 and 9 for stages 4 and 5. Clothing doesn't appear changed but will update the next time you take damage. Spoiler It's in the room just before the dark-skinned girl and radio. It's hidden behind something. Extra Hint: Spoiler Look for 's drawing.

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Spoiler Your hint is: balloons! Spoiler Your hint is: something bouncy. Extra Hint: Spoiler The bouncy ball! Spoiler Your hint is: cuckoo clock. Extra Hint: Spoiler The cuckoo clock needs to hit 12 o'clock. Spoiler Your hint is: present. Extra hint: Spoiler The panda! Spoiler It's in the long hallway filled with monsters. It involves the ceiling tongue zombies. Extra hint: Spoiler Shoot the ceiling zombie down but don't kill it. Let it run around. Spoiler After you beat the boss of Stage 4 both parts wait for G.

Girl and escort her outside. Watch the scene. Spoiler Tip thanks to Vent see post. After you beat the boss of Stage 4 both parts wait for G. Go back, see the boss. Wait till Aggressive Female Zombie pops up and is comforting the boss. Follow them till the end of the area, past G. Last edited: Aug 17, H-Section Moderator. ed Nov 17, Messages 9, Reputation score 21, MetroidSuperFan said:. Don't know what the ificance is of "Spring is coming". Last edited: Aug 11, Dropbare Newbie. ed Jan 24, Messages 22 Reputation score Lazka said:. Tenchi said:.

How do I unlock stages 4 and 5? Ground0 New member. ed Sep 16, Messages 8 Reputation score 3. Keep the molotov till you defeat both boss in room once kill bombing boss first then use it on four leg Anthophobia full save. She's infected, she knows something is coming, but she didn't know what exactly that is, but she definitely felt something is coming with spring. All Zombies knew that by instinct, but protagonist didn't. Ground0 said:. Spring has come

Anthophobia full save

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