Arabians in motion

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The bloodline of the Arabian horse is perpetuated through most refined breeds of equine athletes to be found around the world today, with their muscular conformation, uniquely shaped, almost arrogant head carriage, deep chest, remarkable intelligence and sensitivity. Their cultural links to the Sultanate were embraced by the late Sultan Qaboos, and are reflected in the magnificent Royal Cavalry, home to hundreds of horses, horsemen and horsewomen, for whom their daily duties are a labour of love. Horses, thrive on routine, with unchanging stables, bedding, feed, water buckets and exercise times important to their peace of mind, however, they have also been proven scientifically Hausberger,to respond with exceptional positivity to spontaneous, genuine and diversity of affection, much as humans do.

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The Arab lends itself to pomp and ceremony with its inimitably cheeky dished head, accentuating its incredibly intelligent eyes, its inevitable high head carriage, its high stepping gait, especially when it knows it is being watched. The Royal Cavalry has also been prominent in Endurance Racing across Europe with Saleh Bin Salim Al Balushi and Raffal, after taking out the Jullianges Endurance event in France, in May of this year, also in showing, tent-pegging and any of other equestrian disciplines.

The Arabian horse A friendly word, a gentle caress, just something to show you care.

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Sunday, October 10, Rabi' al-awwal 3, H. By Ray Petersen. Published: PM, May 15, Most Read.

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Purebred Arabian Horse In Motion