Are goths satanic

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The eight suspected Satanists, aged 17 to 19, allegedly lured the four youths to parties on the forested edge of Yaroslavl's city limits, before inducing them to drink and then chopping up their bodies.

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Police found the victims' arms and legs in a pit dressed with Satanic symbols, and investigators say each victim was stabbed times — a taken to be the of the devil. The four victims were lured in two separate incidents in late June, investigators believe.

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All the victims were between the ages of 16 and Investigators launched a citywide search before discovering the gruesome death site in mid-August. The victims — all goths themselves — had told their families they were going to a nearby music festival.

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Instead, police discovered they had all phoned the flat of alleged Satanist cult leader Nikolai Ogolobyak, who lives metres away from the site of the deadly ritual. Kuzmina reportedly called a friend from Ogolobyak's apartment late the night of her murder and said: "I don't like it here, something's not right.

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I'll tell you about it later. One of the eight arrested Satanists had spent time in a psychological facility, but was later released.

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He refused to renounce his beliefs, allegedly saying "Satan will help me avoid responsibility — I've brought him many victims. Goth and emo culture have come under increasing scrutiny in Russia, where pierced youths draped in black are ubiquitous.

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In June, the State Duma held a hearing on proposed legal amendments that would regulate emo websites and prevent goth-inclined teenagers from entering schools and government buildings.

Are goths satanic

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Pagans and Satan and Goths, oh my: dark leisure as communicative agency and communal identity on the fringes of the modern Goth scene