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Girls have an internal meter that gauge how heated they are. It increases by being around them, sleeping with them, or stripping in front of them. You can tell a girl is heated because she will be blushing and maybe sweating too. The position you can do her in will depend on where you will approach her front, behind, in bed, etc.

She won't leave a room as random as before, and is more likely to stay in the room with you. From what I can tell, this increases the fastest of all the icons, so expect to be in the green with most of your girls. The alternative is to take long walks while holding hands, sit together, and do other "sweet" things. Girls like you to spend time with them, in real life and this game. After all, who wants to just jump to the sex?

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But this color raises with most all interaction, so if you have the most points here, you're girl will be green to you which makes it hard to get her to red. Traits augment how many points rise with which activity. Red Icon Lover : The red color indicates that the girl loves you. The girl will allow you to enter an H-scene with her. She will be able to initiate new sex positions such as oral, tit fuck, cow girl, and sitting IF she is blushing red.

Chances are this is the color you're like "how do I raise this?! It raises slowly as well. When I tested it with one of my girls, it rose about 7 points every 10 seconds. You need over 1, points to this, so that's about 25 minutes worth of sex? This also raises if you sit down on a couch with the girl and she rests her head on your shoulder, gazes into your eyes, etc.

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Increases by staying with a girl, kissing her while hugging, having sex with her, or if she is lewd, watching her while she is bathing or urinating. Yellow Icon Jealous Girl : The yellow color indicates that the girl in question is jealous of other girls. This CAN be a good thing. This can be invoked when the girl sees you taking actions with other girls. There are also traits and locations in game that can help speed up jealousy. Also, her jealous mood may change to either blue or red in an instant if you hug her or sleep in the same bed with her this might depend on mood levels.

This mood is similar to the red mood state since girls who are jealous can initiate sex with you, but only if they are blushing. Positive actions. Eating with her: You must be in the dinning room before she finds a seat at the table. She'll say she's hungry, beat her to the kitchen and sit down and she'll serve you.

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Holding her hand and traveling to different locations. Sitting on the couch with her: You have to be leaning back in order for any effect to take place. You know you're this. Sleeping in the same bed as her. Sex Negative actions. Not interacting with the girl for a prolonged period of time. Having her watch you have sex with another girl. Positive reaction with lewd trait. Walking in on her while she urinates. Walking in on her while she bathes. She'll be up for pretty much anything with relatively little effort. I thought I could just load it up, highlight my mod on the list and click "apply mod.

First thing you have to do is put the mods in the directory where the wizzard can see it. This directory is. The mod file or Artificial girl 3 body mods should be a. If you have winzip, it will whisper for you to unzip it The Wizzard will do that for you, seek him. But, just leave it like that and make sure its in the "mods" folder. Once your mod is there, fire up Illusion Wizzard and it should be listed in the mods tab beneath the filters you probably won't need to ever use. If you highlight a mod, chances are it will show you previews of the mod in the omnious black box to the right.

Before you click that tempting "Apply Mod" button in the bottom left hand corner, you have to Artificial girl 3 body mods your options. Click the options tab. Check "specify AG3 folder manually" and navigate to where the AG3 folder is. Go down a line and click the second check box and navigate to the same folder that you did to specify the AG3 folder. Check the box by "skip game selector screen" if you want I did. Click Status tab. You're good to go.

Go back to mods, highlight a mod and press that sexy "Apply Mod" button from earlier, then sit back and wait for it to apply. If you DON'T do these steps, you'll probably get some error about your game not being configured right and your mod could not be applied, etc. You don't get a bonus to RED for making the girl cum You don't get a bonus to RED for coming together If you hug her and she pushes you away, you lose up to points in green People walking in on you does not seem to decrease any values If the girl is not moaning, she's gaining 0 points to her orgasm Sometimes the girl may get stuck on 71 points when you're doing her.

You MAY have to pull out and finger her until she cums on some instances. A: Chances are you did the same thing I did. I'm not sure what it was, but you can remedy it by using the JS version of the game rather than the translated version. This error also seems to go away if you upgrade to v1. Remember that v1. You'll need the add-on expansion in order to upgrade to v1. Q: I can't get the Dark Wizzard to install the mods.

I get an error about the game not being correctly configured and the mod cannot be applied. A: You have to go into options and set the gamepath. There are four things to set. The folder path, the make path, the play path and???. Once you do this, you should have the first two "lights" lit up, to advise you're ready to go. Errors: "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application.

If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Search to see if you have one first and put the Wizzard. It should open after that. Stuff i decide to publish.

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Okay, so there's several FAQ's out there for this game, they're just hard to find and a bit confusing if you've never dealt with installing and modding this game before. While in the struggle that is installing and playing this game, I vowed to create a FAQ for it to help people like myself. This isn't supposed to explain everything about the game, but Artificial girl 3 body mods things. With that, good luck and I hope you understand this. I did it the hard way, of course. It wasn't until after I did it the hard way through much 50 forum browsing, blood, sweat and tears that I saw there was an easy way.

The easy way Install the all-in-one package that has everything you need and more prepackaged in a nice. Finding the all-in-one package is as easy as going to google, searching for " Artificial Girl 3 clean all-in-one full. But alas, silly easy way, who wants that? The hard way is much more time consuming and fun. The hard way Chance are you have an ISO of the basic game. Now you have to mount this iso somehow which is a process of its own.

If you don't know how to mount an ISO, you need to research it. Virtual Mount means that it takes the file and makes it feel and act like a CD drive. Some notes on installation You will probably get an error when trying to install the game in some odd symbols that you cannot read. That is because your language settings have to be set to Japanese in order to install this game. Click ok when it asks you some stuff about a CD then you'll have to restart your system.

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Retry the installation and you should be able to continue. When you're done installing the game, make sure to move back to English mode on your PC. Depending on your installation, it can be named something else. You HAVE to do this to create the girls to put in your world.

You can create several girls, but only have 5 in your world at one time. Not only do you have to custom create your girl, but you have to create her clothing as well. From here, it's pretty much self explanatory. You'll be given a generic model, so go through the different tabs and set the preference of the outfit and its accessorries.

When you're done return to the system tab, name the fashion set and filename, then click save. You will now be able to select that outfit if you Return to Main Screen Rightmost large button at the bottom of the system tab under Fashion sets. You can click "Show" under the thumbnail of your selected girl to drop her in the tank and "Show" under the thumbnail of the fashion to see it on your girl.

Your girl will need an outfit for each slot. If you have blank splots, she will simply be nude when trying to fullfil that slot's description. Click to play with subtitles and it will bring you to another menu.

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Here you have to add the girls you want to your world. Click her name, click the middle button beneath where the names are listed to add her and her name will become red. Add a few more if you want, then click the button to Play. Once again, depending on how your interface is translated, it might just say play if it's not translated, it'll be in symbol's you don't understand, but it'll be the big button at the bottom that DOESN'T close the menu and nothing happen.

Then, see Trouble becaues you mucked up. Assuming the best, somehow you got it to work and the game starts of with you laying in a bed. After pressing the arrow buttons and the space bar, you will become VERY confused and wonder if the game is really working.

Now there comes in the controls.

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