Asian chest hair

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Edit: I'm talking about the Yellow race, not all asians as Arabs are also considered Asians. Basically, many of the distinguishing features of East-Asian people have recently been linked to a single gene mutation. It is believed that the reason this new gene variation succeeded was because it makes you sweat more, so you have better heat regulation. Whether this helped you survive until sexual maturity, and therefore pass on the geneor made you more sexually attractive, maybe ancient Oriental folk liked a sweaty bettyis left up to your own speculation. Therefore there may be no environmental 'reason' why they have narrower eyes, it is merely a side effect of an otherwise useful gene.

Thank you for the mild validation. Edit 3: It makes me feel powerful to add edits. Also I am 25, British, and my girlfriend of 6 years is Filipino, in case that is relevant to anyone :. Also, the very nature of you question is somewhat racist in its structure. Comparing "Arabs" to "Asians" is making 2 single statements about over 2 billion people.

There is great genetic diversity in these groups and no one thing can be accurately said about either. Asians sweat more, but they have fewer apocrine glands, which produce sweat that attract odor causing bacteria. This may explain why even though Asians sweat more, they don't need to use as much deodorant as other ethnic groups.

At the Asian chest hair time as they're sweating more, it's sweat from a different gland. It isn't as much from apocrine glands as you find elsewhere. Since Asian chest hair less apocrine sweat, which is heaver in fats and lipids and thus attracts bacteria, it doesn't smell as badly. This is obviously a generalization since we're talking about population genetics, and biology will make fools of us all. Either that smaller boobs mutation passed over me, or I need to lose weight.

EDAR is the gene. Thicker hair, not less hair. It is responsible for why asians have thicker and straighter hair.

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The article also mentions more side branching in breast ducts, possibly resulting in differences in how breast tissue works. Everyone is focused on breast size, but that may not correlate with function. Finally, no one mentioned that this gene is present in 95 percent of Han Chinese, the dominant ethnic group in east Asia, whole present in lower percentages in Japanese, Koreans, and native Americans. This at least to me, shows that there is some adaptation perhaps to farming that has been the basis of Chinese strength and prosperity Asian chest hair the centuries rather than athletic or fighting prowress.

The political and cultural system that developed on top of that may very well be only tagging along to the benefits conferred by the EDAR gene. Finally, will people please read the article, especially if you have access to the article through your educational institution. I'm an Asian chick and I basically don't have any of the typical Asian distinguishing features except for the eyes. I'm hairy,can't sweat, have big boobs, and a stocky build.

I also have patches of reddish hair. My dad's family is from the Silk Road area but my mom is Chinese. Nobody believes I'm Chinese, they always assume I'm part German or something.

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Sometimes they assume I'm a MTF transsexual, albeit a very "authentic" looking one. I've spent a lot of time overseas and it's always extremely difficult to find deodorant. Everybody always tries to speak to me in English also.

I'm not a geneticist, but as someone who suffers from hyperhidrosis, I find it very hard to understand how extra sweating could be advantageous. It makes it harder to hold onto vital electrolytes like sodium and potassium think of what athletes have to eat and drink to stay healthy. I just can't see how the advantage of sweating more would have outweighed the losses, considering humans in Africa and the Middle East had survived without this extra sweating. Isn't a random mutation and population bottleneck a more likely explanation?

Not every trait in a population has a strictly 'evolutionary' explanation eg.

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This guy knows his science! I forgot where I heard this, but I read somewhere that East Asian people have narrower eyes because the majority of them lived in the Tibet area for tens of thousands of years before migrating and spreading to the rest of Asia. Tibet is cold and windy and the extra epithelial fold just helped to protect their eyes. How does "sweat more " work? As a Caucasian male Northern European descent living in rural Japan, I rarely notice the locals sweating visibly on even the hottest days doing heavy manual labor outside, whereas I inevitably look like I fell in the pool within five minutes.

Comparatively, I sweat far more than they do.

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How is this not the top comment? Everything else is at best educated conjecture. If the gene mutated at the right time, couldn't it just be evident of genetic drift and isolation instead of any survival reasons?

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Found the internet! ELI5:Why do asians usually have no body hair and arabs have a lot? Posted by 8 years ago. Im talking about the chinese, koreans etc. Sort by: best.

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Asian chest hair

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Do Asians Have Body Hair?