Aunt spanking stories

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February Tags: 18assauntauntybadbeautifulbedbedroomblackbluebusinesscockcuntcutedeepdirtyfootfuckfungirlgirlsgreathairhappyheavenhomehotincrediblekisskitchenleatherlovemake lovemalemenmorenakednaughtynicenightpantiespantypictureplaypunishmentpussysexyshortslavespank. As an year-old, I was quite frequently disciplined by my strict Auntie She was a domineering bitch who could really bring a Aunt spanking stories to tears spanking him over her knee with a hard wooden hairbrush, but I loved her all the same. We lived in a wooded area across the street from a cornfield. The backyard offered complete privacy, the view from the road being blocked by the house.

My Aunty Ellen is very sexy and often sunbathed in the backyard in her bikini, giving me the opportunity to admire her lovely body. She had a nice tan which complemented her shoulder length black hair. She was tall, and solidly built with large breasts, wide hips, meaty thighs and ample buttocks. Needless to say I had a rock hard cock most of the time. I wanted to feel the soft flesh of her bottom and thighs against my cock. While I was undressing she sat down on the bed and I noticed that she had an old fashioned wooden hairbrush beside her.

My mother spanked me quite often on my bare bottom but never with a hairbrush. Mummy also used to take me over her knee in the kitchen and swat my backside with a wooden mixing spoon. To complicate matters, I was getting aroused looking at her sitting there on the bed. She had been sunbathing and was still wearing her bikini. Standing there, frightened, she ordered me to lie across her lap.

Slowly I obeyed, gently lowering myself onto her thighs. She began to spank my naked buttocks with her open palm, very hard and at a furious pace! She plays tennis a lot so she has very strong arms. Her sharp, stinging slaps really hurt! In a very short time I was squirming on her lap trying to avoid her merciless slaps. I had a feeling she planned to do so anyway. I could barely contain myself and I began to whimper and moan. Reflexively I reached back with Aunt spanking stories right hand to protect my naked buttocks. When I did this she began spanking the backs of my thighs.

I found out the hard way that my thighs are even more sensitive than my bottom. At this point I really began to wriggle and squirm, kicking my legs and begging her to stop. She grabbed my hand and pinned it behind my back and returned to spanking my bottom. Do you understand me? By now my bottom was bright red and I was crying profusely. My cock was growing harder and harder from squirming around on her lap. Her smooth, tanned thighs against my flesh really turned me on.

To my surprise, the spanking also excited me, though it hurt terribly! There was no way she could not notice my hard cock grinding against her bare thighs as she paddled my bare bottom with the brush. So far she had been alternating from one cheek to the other at a moderate pace, about one stroke every 2 or 3 seconds.

Now she started spanking as fast as she could, sometimes giving me 3 or 4 swats on the same cheek before adjusting her aim to strike the other cheek. That stings!!! Please Julie! Please stop! I was howling in pain. My thighs felt like they were on fire! After a few more swats she stopped. She Aunt spanking stories ran her fingers along the back of my thighs and over my bottom. I was very sore but her touch also felt good, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Now she began to concentrate on the crease of the buttocks where your bottom and thighs meet.

This is the most sensitive part of your bottom and she knew it! I was in agony and ecstasy! I was squirming all over her lap trying to get away from her brush. True to her word she spanked me for a solid five minutes. She really knew how to take control! As a finale she assaulted my backside with a flurry of swats delivered as hard and fast as she could. This was more than I could bear. Those smooth tanned thighs felt so good against my rock hard cock.

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As I thrust my hips violently against her thighs with those last painful swats I came explosively, shooting my load all over her thighs! This really infuriated her!

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I was really excited now! Slowly I liked the semen of her thighs stealing a kiss here and there. She seemed to enjoy it. She slowly opened her legs wider. As I slowly kissed my way higher up her thighs towards her crotch she grabbed my hair and threw me back. I was genuinely afraid.

I knew how much a switch stings, especially in the hands of an angry woman. She told me to stand up and as I did so she grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled me toward the bathroom, hairbrush in hand.

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She took a washcloth and wiped my cock clean. Then she took the washcloth, wet it and wiped it over my red, sore bottom cheeks. The cool water felt good. She put her left foot up on the toilet, pulled me over her leg and applied several hard swats to my wet buttocks. I cried out and jumped at the pain. She led me outside, naked, into the backyard towards the woods. There are a few birch trees on the edge of the woods.

She selected three switches from one of the birches.

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She tested each one on my thighs as she went along. Armed with her switches she ordered me back to the house, slowly, so she could switch my bottom and thighs as we walked back. Once inside it was back to the bedroom where she placed two pillows on the center of the bed. She intended to elevate my bottom to make it a more enticing target. My cock was beginning to stiffen again. Although my bottom hurt like hell I was becoming aroused by the sight of her prancing around in her bikini wielding the switch.

She was mean as hell when she was angry and the sound of her voice as she ordered me around excited me. This combination of sensations was overwhelming … The pain and the pleasure … my red hot bottom, my rock hard cock, the sound of her Aunt spanking stories, and the sight of her! I could learn to like serving a domineering, bikini-clad bitch! My fantasies were becoming a cruel reality at the hands of my strict Aunt! My mind was beginning to picture my Aunty Ellen dressed in a black leather g-string and thigh high boots. This thought, being whipped by my lovely Mistress Julie, went through my mind as I lay down on the bed with my ass prominently displayed and presented for punishment.

She wasted no time laying into my naked buttocks with that switch! I howled in pain at that first stroke! She continued whipping my upturned bottom with a vengeance … working her way slowly up and down my buttocks and thighs! I was kicking and screaming, wriggling my ass trying desperately to avoid those vicious strokes as they bit deep into my tender flesh, and bawling at the top of my lungs! She was enjoying herself immensely and made sure that I did not.

I was genuinely scared at this point. She meant business! She was mad as hell and was whipping my bottom and thighs hard, slashing away with that switch at a fast and furious pace. This beating was punishment for my misconduct the night before and she was determined to see that I did not sit comfortably for a few days.

I had never endured this much pain before and I swore to myself to obey her, in fear of another thrashing. I had enjoyed the spanking over her luscious thighs and relished the thought of being whipped by a beautiful Mistress but this whipping with that long, flexible switch was too painful to be pleasurable. Not so hard!!! After another dozen strokes she paused. I was thankful that the end was in sight but I dreaded the next two dozen strokes.

Would you like to feel the sting of my hairbrush over your panties? It provided me with a brief respite from my ordeal beneath the switch. What I soon began to realize was that she planned to discipline me regularly for her pleasure … and for mine! My hard cock had shown her that I enjoyed being punished and dominated at the hands of a cruel woman. I can feel you humping my thighs when I spank you. I was hanging on every word! Do you want to serve a beautiful Mistress? I know you enjoy looking at me. I can feel Aunt spanking stories stare as you admire my legs and my ass.

Would you like to see me naked? I love to see you sunbathing in your bikini. I want to see your breasts. Aunt spanking stories love your silky smooth thighs. I like to lie across your lap and rub my cock against them when you spank me. I want to see you take your bikini off.

I want to see your beautiful bare bottom and your cunt. She raised her arm and brought the switch down sharply across my lower buttocks where they meet my thighs.

Aunt spanking stories

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