Axton x maya

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Axton the Commando class character and Salvador the Gunzerker class from Borderlands 2 have made no appearances since BL2, raising questions about their whereabouts during the time of Borderlands 3.

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Axton was the Commando in Borderlands 2. The Commando appears to have taken advantage of his new-found fame and single status by becoming a risque model.

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One of the Iron Bear skins players can get for Moze, the Gunner class character in Borderlands 3shows Axton posing in a pin-up pose with his military equipment. There's also a film titled "Going Commando" which features Axton, as well as several adult magazines with his face on them found across the game. Not only did he begin his story only narrowly avoiding execution by the people of his own hometown, but throughout the second game, Salvador was wanted for a comically long list of crimes including arson, destruction of property, manslaughter, cannibalism, and profanity. Nonetheless, it makes sense that Salvador of all the characters from Borderlands would go into hiding after his crack at Handsome Jack.

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Players who visit The Lodge on Xylourgous can kind a wanted posted for their old Gunzerker companion on the wall, apparently for missing payments on his ridiculously huge bar tab. Perhaps there's room for these characters in the new game mode DLC, whatever Arms Race ends up being. PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are in development. Players in New World are robbing their own guilds, called Companies, blind, then transferring to a new Faction and conquering their old guild.

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Axton x maya

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