Backroom casting couch herpes

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Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, our community today! If you have any problems with the registration process or yourplease. Go to Bad News in Phoenix today Guess who was right and guess who was wrong about AZ shooters Common in LA Arizona though No idea why someone would post Positive Herpes 1 Result on there twitter Some sort of trolling here or publicity? Originally Posted by dyna mo. Find More Posts by seeric. Originally Posted by seeric. Wow, Phoenix New Times doesn't have an agenda or anything. Find More Posts by fuzebox.

Gonzo of Gonzo Modeling is the "others" associated with this website and dealings. It all comes back ten fold. Find More Posts by DirtyDanza.

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I know HS 1 is massive among performers but why would he put it on Twitter? I don't get it. Also it still has to be disclosed among performers right? Originally Posted by ThatOtherGuy. Last edited by seeric ; at PM. I know kids that have it on their eyes, cold sores, it's not really an STD. DirtyDanza - Read the story it gets more interesting.

Spooky shit. AZ the next Florida?

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Originally Posted by DirtyDanza. Domains 4 Sale CashForVideos. US's home! Date: Apr Originally Posted by DBS. Originally Posted by kaori. Now read without the word dog. This thread is what I love about GFY - either y'all love or hate the motherfucking success. And there's no rhyme or reason. Backroom casting couch herpes betting the reason you are hating on BRCC is because you know they work harder than you, recruit better girls than you, fuck 'em dirtier than you and make more money than you while they're doing it.

Find More Posts by jimmyway. Date: Aug Must be low in memberships to spin this shit. Some people never learn. Find More Posts by Zorgman. Does this girl have herpes?????? Please le tme klnow asap It was fun at the time but now I worrry about this Hairpiece you speak of Find More Posts by Jon Oso. Most full tests include herpes 2 - the bad one.

Herpes 1 is very very common. Love the fake site though. Doing that for real would be almost impossible. Originally Posted by ilnjscb. Find More Posts by RyuLion. That's roughly 1 in 3. The odds are that the writer probably has it as well, and if not, his wife, sister, mother or someone he knows has it. Sensationalism in journalism. Taking a story that's no big deal and making it bigger than it needed to be. Here are the most important factors to this investigation you retards are over looking!

Find More Posts by billywatson. Originally Posted by Kevin Marx. Find More Posts by blackmonsters. In AZ that's really bad. He's goin' down hard. Lots of dudes will hate him just because of his charge. Most likely he will be beaten by an inmate and made into a bitch himself.

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I have no shame in saying I believe he should be incarcerated and should never be allowed to function in this business again. Unless of course he was to capture some great P. In which case someone on GYI would probably pay big bucks. Maybe even Eric. Their promo tools are a joke, it looks completely amateurish, and if they're making as much bank as everyone says they are how are they doing it? Not through affiliates. ICQ: Skype: peabodymedia. Kenny B! Find More Posts by Kenny B! GFY Rules. User Name.

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Remember Me? Discuss what's fucking going on, and which programs are best and worst. One-time "program" announcements from "established" webmasters are allowed.

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Thread Tools. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by dyna mo. Quote: Originally Posted by dyna mo pffft DateDoc Outside looking in. Damn they might now have a cold sore from kissing. Find More Posts by DateDoc. Posts: 41, Visit seeric's home!

Visit fuzebox's home! Las Vegas, Posts: 8, Visit DirtyDanza's home! Quote: Originally Posted by DirtyDanza it's simplex 1 dood Find More Posts by PornoMonster. Quote: Originally Posted by DirtyDanza if I film a whore today who filmed a gangbang yesterday with doods that filmed 5 gangbangs that week. Find More Posts by L-Pink.

Find More Posts by kaori. Find More Posts by SleazyDream. Posts: 3, Visit jimmyway's home! Visit Zorgman's home! Visit Jon Oso's home! Find More Posts by ilnjscb.

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Quote: Originally Posted by ilnjscb Most full tests include herpes 2 - the bad one. Find More Posts by marketsmart. RyuLion ClubDomCash. Visit RyuLion's home! Find More Posts by Kevin Marx. Visit billywatson's home! Visit blackmonsters's home! Walls are closing in on the scum of AZ Visit Sexy's Nude Girls's home! Visit The Porn Nerd's home! Visit Kenny B! Facebook Digg MySpace.

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Backroom casting couch herpes

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Backroom Casting Couch's Anonymous "Reality" Porn Creep Has Herpes