Bad bitch with a suntan

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Need to see the Xan man Do you know him by chance? A Ziploc full of kush Are you plugged in, by chance? Bad bitch with a tan Do you know one by chance? I am on my level Flexin' like I've been up in the gym forever All these bitches give me brain, damn they sure is clever I took a bitch out, let her shop 'til she drop All these big bags come at once like nonstop Ridin' droptop so I can't even hotbox We can spend whatever Young Swae Lee, damn, check out my bezel I blow lots of cash cause I won't live forever do it [Hook: Swae Lee] Bad bitch with a suntan Do you know one by chance? I'm winnin', mane, I'm winnin', chain yellow like the Simpsons I'm pimpin' like I'm Lennon, got a lot of foreign women They can't control my spendin', fuck it, I ain't got no limit Tippin', Slim Jimmy!

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No Type. This Could Be Us. Perplexing Pegasus.

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Look Alive. Perfect Pint. Watching Me. View 10 more explanations. Write an explanation.

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Bad bitch with a suntan

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Hear Rae Sremmurd’s Punishing New Track ‘By Chance’