Bad symmetra cosplay

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Any time they play their favorite character, they run the risk of getting harassed or reported. This year offered potential salvation in the form of a huge overhaul to the character. Nearly every other Symmetra main I spoke to reported similar experiences, up to and including being told to kill themselves for playing her. There are numerous complaints on the Symmetra Mains subreddit of teams throwing matches and reporting Symmetras until they get suspended —even when those Symmetra players have high endorsement levels that should insulate them.

The grim state Bad symmetra cosplay things has left Symmetra mains wondering if it was all worth it, especially given that many of them actually preferred the old, pre-overhaul Symmetra, with her tether beam and more casual-friendly but strategically nuanced bag of tricks.

No more piercing orbs to work around turtle comps. No more Shield Generator to force the enemy team to split forces to break it. No more Photon Barrier to bait abilities like hook and flashbang. Even though she relies on her team more now, she does bring more to the table in terms of being about to coordinate good plays, and defend with clutch barriers and turrets.

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In general, however, Symmetra mains are worried. Now, they fear, it may be impossible to reverse course even if Blizzard finally turns her into a consistently viable character.

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The way people will pick at each other over character selections in a game is absolutely mind-boggling. I dunno. The A. By Nathan Grayson.

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Bad symmetra cosplay

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