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Botanist Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley was transformed into a plant-human hybrid by a science experiment gone wrong. With chlorophyll flowing through her veins instead of blood, she developed a toxic touch and a pheromone-fueled talent for seduction.

Her crimes became more ecologically focused as she had increasingly abandoned her human side and identified more with the natural world. Her unique brand of eco-terrorism often put her into conflict with Batmanwhose iron will usually protected him from her seductive powers. After she took refuge in a vine-covered stronghold, Ivy kept humanity away rather than participated in the gang wars of Arkham City. Her presence would go unnoticed until Catwoman sought her out. Batman arkham knight poison ivy figure, she began plotting destruction for Gotham.

But instead of destroying Gotham, she helped Batman eradicate Scarecrow 's Fear Toxin by sacrificing herself. She was an anti-hero rather than a villain in Batman: Arkham Knight. At this point, Pamela Isley was still a meek botanist who interned under Dr. Jason Woodrue. At North Gotham, her store, Baudelaire's advertised her as the current proprietor. Later on New Years Eve, Pamela had presumably graduated from her university and was invited by Ferris Boyle to be a visiting specialist at GothCorpby helping his company to develop strains of freeze resistant food plants for farming in cold climates and the possible colonization of Mars.

During Mr. Freeze 's assault on GothCorp, Pamela's I. Woodrue, by a toxic, potentially lethal cocktail of phytohormones that he had forced her to ingest. At the hospital where she was recovering, she learned to use her newfound connection to plant life, including the lone Glorissa orchid Woodrue had left for her, to gain her strength and then much more, rechristening herself "Poison Ivy" to distance herself from the "timid wallflower" Pamela Isley. Allying herself with plant life, which she viewed as far less treacherous than humanity, she released poisonous plant spores into Gotham City in an act of revenge, killing hundreds.

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It was presumably during this ram that she had first made the acquaintance of another former doctor-turned-terrorist by the name of Harley Quinn. Eventually, she was defeated and captured. Deemed insane, Ivy was then incarcerated into Arkham Asylum. Sadly, her mental condition deteriorated further, and she became convinced that, far from being mutated, she was now the incarnation of Mother Nature herself. In the timespan between the events of Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Asylum, Poison Ivy could be seen during the climax of Assault on Arkham as one of the many prison inmates that were set free by the Joker.

First glimpsed when the Arkham staff had infiltrated the Botanical Gardens, Ivy would be reunited with her plants and would easily lay waste to the guards. Later on, several vines grabbed unsuspecting guards and inmates, and took them to Ivy, where she would brainwash them with her pheromones, and rendered them into her infatuated muscle.

During the attempted breach on the bridge, Ivy would take command of one of her Venus plants and attempt to push through the final line of defense on the bridge. In retaliation, the guards used smokes grenades to thin out the rabid crowd as well as send Ivy back into the vicinity of Arkham Asylum, where she was presumably apprehended and sent back to her cell. Years later, Ivy would try to escape by using her mind control pheromones on her doctors. Young proved immune to her abilities her powers only affected males so she turned her attention to Doctor Kellerman; and threatened to kill him if the asylum Warden, Quincy Sharpdidn't release her.

Sadly for her, Sharp refused to bow to blackmail and Ivy Batman arkham knight poison ivy figure locked in solitary confinement in the Penitentiary for her efforts. Worse, Dr. Young would later begin altering the local plant life to produce the chemicals that were needed for her Titan experiments. Ivy could feel all the cruel alterations made to the plants and was desperate to end Young's experiments, but was unable to do anything or even pass on her knowledge of Dr. Young's crimes to the other doctors due to her being in lockdown. Poison Ivy desperately pleaded to Batman to save her plants as she could sense that they were in pain.

Batman disregarded the plea and proceeded to tell Poison Ivy to stay in her cell. Ivy pleaded with Harley to let her go so that she could rescue her 'babies'. Harley refused at first because Ivy wasn't on the Joker's 'party list', but gave in rather quickly. Harley let Poison Ivy free who then made her way over to the Botanical Gardens. After he defeated Harley, Batman made his way to the Botanical Gardens in order to gain assistance from Ivy, whose plants had been used to help create the venom.

Ivy refused at first in order to let the Joker "have his fun" and eventually agreed after Batman had threatened that every plant would meet its demise if she didn't help him.

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Ivy informed Batman that the spores needed to create the anti-venom were only located deep in Killer Croc's Lair. Before leaving, Batman instructed Ivy to return to her cell or he'd be back to which Ivy replied that she would be waiting for him. The Joker subsequently injected the new Titan formula into Ivy's plant system, which had a different effect on unmutated humans: instead of a "monster plant" as the Joker had expected, she remained the same on the outside, but gained an enhancement to her chlorokinetic abilities, inducing rapid growth and evolution amongst her plants, even among the newly mutated plants were a species that produced glowing air born toxic spores.

Ivy took the opportunity to take over the entire island with her newly mutated plants, and vowed to kill Batman and afterward, the Joker himself, much to his delight; and looked forward to the coming battle. Batman eventually returned to the Gardens with the anti-Venom formula, where Ivy beckoned Batman to come to her lair. Along the way, Batman was attacked by two security guards under Ivy's control: William North and Eddie Burlow and was forced to defeat them both. Batman attempted to inject Ivy's plants with the anti-venom before being stopped by an attacking Ivy, who forced him to contend with more Arkham guards that were infected by her mind-controlling plant spores.

The two engaged in a long and strenuous fight that resulted in Ivy's defeat, in which Batman used his Explosive Gel to destroy Ivy's protective shell as well as causing her to lose mental control over the plant.

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After the Joker's defeat, Ivy was taken back to her cell by the Arkham staff. Sometime after the events of the Asylum takeover, a breakout occurred, allowing patients such as Ivy to run loose. Ivy then set up shop at the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. It was presumably there that she encountered Robin who attempted to take her into custody but was subsequently defeated and controlled by Ivy.

Subsequent assaults by members of the GCPD gave her the opportunity to take control of several police officers which she then used against Batman when he finally arrived to take her in. After defeating the mind-controlled cops, Poison Ivy then sent Robin after him.

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After Batman knocked him out, Poison Ivy attempted to seduce Batman and put him under her control but Batman took her into custody instead. Like the Joker himself, Ivy soon began to succumb to side effects of the Titan formula. However, Mayor Quincy Sharp instructed his guards to deny Ivy any medical assistance and left her to die.

Locked in solitary confinement, with her body ravaged by her disease, Ivy could only pray for salvation that she was sure would never come. It did come and in the shape of a priest, ironically. Mayor Sharp, confident that she was as good as dead, allowed the priest to give Ivy the last rites. However, she was able to manipulate the pollen on his coat into an antidote for her illness and completely recovered.

Outraged at being cheated out of his pound of flesh, Sharp ordered Ivy to be transferred to Arkham City immediately. Batman arkham knight poison ivy figure was during that transfer, that Ivy was rescued by Catwoman, who then dropped her off in Gotham Central Park. It seemed that this was part of a plan by Catwoman to gather powerful allies for her future ventures into Arkham City. As the Park was not a part of Arkham City, thus, Ivy was still free.

Before leaving, Ivy made Selina promise to water her plants. Desperate to escape from custody, Enigma was able to send word to Ivy, providing her with a briefcase full of cash. In exchange, Ivy provided him with a vial of a special plant liquid that could cause an influx of deadly plants to grow upon contact with metal.

Enigma used the vial at the New Resident Registration Facility at Arkham City, allowing him to successfully escape into his new hideout within the City. When Catwoman entered Ivy's LairIvy attacked her with hypnotized thugs and heat-seeking spores; which Ivy had been preparing for months to rid Arkham of its "flesh-sacks" and replace them with spores.

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When Catwoman defeated Ivy's thugs, Ivy used one of her vines to ensnare and hang Catwoman upside down, whereupon she expressed her anger over the death of her plants, who Selina was implied to have forgotten to water. When Ivy stated that the only remaining flower left was within Hugo's Vault, Catwoman offered to retrieve the flower for Ivy if she created a route for her to get into the vault.

Ivy agreed reluctantly and used her vines to create an underground tunnel to the vault. Once Catwoman was inside the vault, she spotted Ivy's plant, but threw it on the floor and killed it as revenge for Ivy attacking her. Unfortunately, when she overheard that Batman had been caught in the destruction of the Steel Mill, Catwoman also dropped the items that she had come to steal back and opted to rescue him instead.

If Catwoman decided to return to see Ivy, she blamed the death of the plant on Hugo Strange. Filled with hatred, Ivy stated she would soon take her revenge on Strange and then all of Gotham. Ivy had taken root in Arkham City, and cultivated her plants with a hope to remain there in peace with them. When Bane and Batman entered her territory, Ivy intervened, rescued Batman, and knocked him unconscious with her pheromones because she would rather sell him to PenguinCatwoman, or even Bruce Wayne rather than see Bane kill him.

All three were blown into the sewers by a trap placed by the Arkham Knight. Ivy escaped the sewers with the help of her plants, but Batman couldn't follow her because Bane had broken his Grapnel Gun. Shortly after, Ivy was captured in by Nightwing in Bludheaven, but was broken out by Harley Quinn at the request of Scarecrow. When Scarecrow revealed his plan to take over Gotham with the help of the other super-villains, Ivy turned down his offer to him. He decided to take her prisoner instead and kill her by Batman arkham knight poison ivy figure Fear Gas on her.

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Batman arrived at the safehouse where Ivy was being held in the hope of finding Scarecrow there and knocked out all but one of the militia. The last militia was inside the chamber where Ivy was, held her hostage, and threatened to shoot her if Batman tried to stop them from leaving.

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When he was about to exit, the Fear Gas suddenly arrived and distracted him, Ivy then knocked out the militia by smashing his head through the glass. After a short conversation, in which she explained what Scarecrow's plans were, Batman was suddenly grabbed by a plant and Ivy tried to leave in an elevator, but Batman had escaped the plant and apprehended her.

They were then confronted by the Arkham Knight 's militia, who had them cornered. After taking out the drones, Batman took Ivy to the GCPD building to be locked away, so she couldn't interfere with his business later on in the evening. She agreed to help him, as she knew the Fear Gas also affected her plants.

Batman arkham knight poison ivy figure let her out of her cell and took her to the Botanical Gardens. Arriving at the gardens, Ivy took control of an old tree, while Batman sought out its roots, so that it could bloom back to its former glory. It was attacked by the Knight's militia, but they were stopped by Batman. He then left her to head to Panessa Studios, because Robin needed his help. After the skirmish at Panessa Studios, Batman returned to the gardens to warn Ivy that the Knight knew her location, but Ivy refused to leave without her plants.

Ivy used her trees to rid the city of Scarecrow's gas, but her tree wasn't strong enough. She told Batman to wake up another tree, known as Aiyana. Its roots were so deep underground, however, that his sonar waves couldn't reach them. After having headed underground, Aiyana was woken up, but it was put under attack by the Arkham Knight's Militia. Batman and Ivy stopped the drones together and while Ivy took care of the toxin, Batman sought out the Cloudburst Tank and destroyed it.

After the Cloudburst was destroyed, Batman contacted Ivy to see how she was holding up, but he couldn't reach her. He returned to the tree to find Ivy looking exhausted. She fell to the ground but refused Batman's help, instead standing back up and giving her everything to finally rid Gotham of Scarecrow's gas. After succeeding, she fell into Batman's arms.

Batman arkham knight poison ivy figure

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