Batman x harley fanfiction

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Password Reset. Update. She ends up at Dr. What he gives her though is a potion that grants Harley her very own dick.

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What follows is a search for satisfaction from the Queen of Crime as she finds herself in a of stimulating situations. Perhaps even the Joker will give it a go. Harley and Joker rob a bank to lure out the one who had put Harley behind bars. And while Harley's initial plan was to kill her, that changed once they got home.

Things get a little hot for the Bat. But can he manage to keep his mask on for the whole ride, or does it really matter? When Selina Kyle's assistant meets Rupert Thorne's right hand, only love can come from this. Summer Gleeson once thought that her career was all that important to her. That changed when a guardian angel came to her rescue who wasn't Batman. If only her new husband didn't have to fight a bunch of crazies during the honeymoon. Bruce Wayne recalls his evening after the Arkham Asylum event, when he realizes he did something very wrong, Mature content, Also My first Fanfic.

Harley Quinn loves her Mistah J, right? That devotion is tested in the very capable hands of his arch nemesis, Batman.

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Harley Quinn had left Joker a long time ago, sick of his abuse and finally understanding that he would never love her. Now she works at Bludhaven and reunites with Batman. Theres a new drug in Gotham. Batman doesn't know who or how it's getting in.

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Body counts rise and the jails are over flowing. What are these new drug lords plan? How will this affect the Bat family forever? I think not!

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Inspired by Angela Carter's "Shadow Dance. Poison Ivy is in town, Joker got a new girlfriend and the Riddler is secretly married to Livewire. Harley Quinn's POV.

Batman x harley fanfiction

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Bruce Wayne/Harleen Quinzel