Bayonetta 2 sloth

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Feb 27, 1, Bayonetta is Platinum game's premiere "extreme-action" title, and a while back Nintendo announced that they're bank rolling Bayo 3! Edit: This has nothing to do with Sekiro.

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I've been wanting to make this thread for months, but never felt like writing the wall of text and dealing with arguments. But, I recently revisted Bayo 2 during some traveling, and dear god do I need to get this off my chest! Last edited: Apr 16, SirKai Member. Dec 28, 3, Washington. Zelenogorsk Banned. Mar 1, 1, I thought Bayo 2 was harder but maybe that's because I played Bayo 1 so much I just happened to have the whole game memorized. Oct 27, 1, Cologne. Most of what you're saying is correct, the problem is that what you're describing isn't "difficulty," it's poor de.

Bayo 2 is poorly deed, and yeah I'd concur that the Rodin fight for example is way harder than the Bayo 1 iteration for all the wrong reasons. But part of that poor de is how easily a lot of the challenges can be broken with Yellow Lollipops since there's no item penalty or how much more lenient the scoring system is making varied attacks or dodge offset unnecessary. That's why calling it "more difficult" doesn't really get the point across. First and foremost, the game is just super frustrating and tedious and BS, but I wouldn't really call it challenging.

Jawmuncher Crisis Dino Moderator. Oct 25, 23, Ibis Island. No matter the difficulty, Bayo 1 Bayonetta 2 sloth always harder due to the QTEs. Deleted member Banned. Oct 25, 8, I think Bayonetta 2 is easier, but it also had a hard mode unlocked at the beginning which I think bayo 1 didnt? FiXalaS Member. Oct 27, 6, Kuwait. Witch time exists both are easy but bayonetta 2 was definitely easier.

ToTheMoon Member. Oct 27, 2, Bayo1 is harder on a first playthrough. Bayo2 is harder to Pure Platinum because it's filled with BS enemies looking at you, Lumen Sage and doesn't give the player as much control i. That's assuming you aren't using clearly game-breaking things, like Rosa or the Bracelet of Time. FiXalaS said:. Witch time exists both are easy. Click to expand Oct 25, 5, The AI is one cheap and Bayonetta 2 sloth cheating bastard breaking the game its rules, just to throw them back at you tenfold.

Oct 25, 6, Columbia, MD. Adaren said:. Jeanne is an excellent rival battle that pushes you to your limit but ultimately remains fair. Lumen Sage just sucks that stupid teleporting stinger attack Oct 26, 8, No it isn't. I even remember one reviewer docking a point because it was easy compared to the first game.

And Infinite climax in the second game is shitty and unbalanced mess. Jintor Member. Oct 25, 25, Roo Member. Oct 25, 1, Oct 27, 8, Bayonetta 2 sloth not wrong. Bayo 2 on Infinite Climax is a really poorly-deed, bullshit kind of difficulty due to all the points you mentioned.

Enemies having attacks so fast you can't react in time or ultra-short telegraphs, damage sponges, and particularly the nightmare humanoid bosses who can only be damaged in Witch Time make the highest difficulty level a really miserable experience. Bayo 2's Normal feels like the first game's Easy, Hard like the first game's Normal, and Infinite Climax kind of like the first game's Hard but with a huge dose of bullshit whenever you get to one of the human-sized bosses. It's a shame that you don't get any equivalent of the first game's NSIC where Witch Time is turned off and the game really pushes your skills, but due to the aforementioned bullshit Bayo 2 can't really function without Witch Time.

So, I guess technically I would prefer Bayo 3's hardest difficulty to be 'easier', but really I'd want it to be fairer. Cutting down on enemy telegraphs doesn't make a game more difficult, for example, it just makes it so you take cheap shots all the time because you can't react quickly enough. QuixoticNeutral Member. Oct 25, 2, If I understand it correctly, it was never the core of the complaint that B2 is "easier" than B1, but that its difficulty de restricts your decision space in a way that isn't fun.

From the perspective of what is satisfying to an advanced player, that's not how it works at all. Difficulty, for a while, rewards you for understanding the mechanical depth of a game if it's there and pushing it with ever more refined and precise decisions. It's as true for strategy games and platformers, genres I know much better, as it is for non-stop infinite climax action.

And it's also what advanced players get out of action games like Bayonetta: the mechanical decision-space is vast and flexible, and when games in this genre are at their best, they let you make countless split-second choices and reward you for the breadth of your tactical repertoire.

The magic of the Bayonetta games in particular is that a big part of getting better at them is to stay cool, resist the urge to button-mash, and in some cases slow down so your inputs follow a precise and thoughtful rhythm. But push a game's difficulty past a certain saturation point, and the decision space starts to narrow down to a few viable best practices and optimal choices. And personally, I'd rather crack a game like this through move set and combo diversity, not just speed.

Incarne Member. Aug 29, Both games are challenging in their own ways. Bayo 1 is the more challenging game and requires more skill I think personally but Bayo 2 fixed a lot of the annoying things in Bayo 1, while also making you rely on witch time which is kinda lame. There really are unfair bosses in the game so I end up just replaying the Witch Trials for some quick fun. Really excited to see what they do with Bayo 3.

Dec 28, 18, Jintor said:. Ehoavash One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 28, 5, Jan 1, 1, I think the sentiment of B2 being less difficult comes from players that didn't play on the higher difficulties of either game. I'll go over each of the points you listed in order and sound off my thoughts: Enemies definitely have incredibly fast attacks.

I had to learn how to react to sounds and not pay as much attention to the visuals when I was doing Pure Platinum runs on Infinite Climax, because reacting to enemy animations is really hard, especially when you have to deal with multiple enemies. Even then, yeah, certain attacks are really hard to respond to properly namely for the Masked Lumen, Aesir, and Rodin. I think there's only one attack in the game that totally lacks audio cues, which is the stinger attack that the Masked Lumen does which he has an unfortunate knack of doing off-screen.

However, most attacks and enemies in B2 definitely have distinct audio Bayonetta 2 sloth. Like I mentioned above, I had to rely really heavily on audio cues on Infinite Climax, and wouldn't have survived if I didn't. I'm not sure enemy AI needs to respect the camera at all, as long as the audio cues are clear and distinct. I know that enemies in Bayo 1 didn't always respect what you could view in camera especially the Joys, which loved attacking the player from off-screen with attacks that had really odd dodge timingsand in Bayo 2, I honestly rarely ever felt that being attacked off-screen felt cheap because I was pretty much always reacting to the audio cues.

The only time where this is an issue is with that stinger attack that the Masked Lumen does, since it has no real audio cue. I'm not really sure how I feel about the enemies having the defensive power they do, because while I think it's really important for the enemies to be properly capable and be able to defend themselves, especially when Bayonetta herself is practically omnipotent, it does go a bit too far with certain types of enemies.

I think the criticisms levied against enemies that simply parry your attacks every so often comes across as a bit much, since a their ripostes are easily dodged, and b you can completely stop them from doing so by positioning yourself behind the enemy during WT and launching them, which is what techniques like Witch Twist are really good for which everyone apparently ignored. Likewise, a charged Takemikazuchi is totally unblockable by all regular enemies and technically, most bosses, though most bosses will just dodge through it instead.

However, enemies that endlessly dodge your attacks are absolutely worth the criticism. Sloth is arguably the most annoying enemy in the game for this reason, since he endlessly dodges your attacks and rarely attacks the player at all, so your windows to actually get hits in are incredibly limited. The bosses are better about it since it's far easier to bait them into counterattacking you, but unless nearly every attack of the player's that they dodge invites a counter attack, it's still not really a good thing.

Most enemies that aren't in the "giant" class can be stunned very easily in Witch Time, which is a vital point to B2's combat system whereas giant enemies function like they do in B1, to be giant meatbags. I might be one of the few that enjoys this aspect of B2, but to each their own. Like I mentioned in the point about the defensive powers of enemies, I agree with this particular point, and find it generally not fun when they don't counter-attack the player often to give you opportunities to enter Witch Time and counterattack.

It's why I think Sloth is a garbage enemy, Bayonetta 2 sloth is worse than even the bosses, who at least like to attack the player Bayonetta 2 sloth some form of frequency.

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I don't think I feel the same way here, except for the giant enemies that feel far too tanky but aren't very hard to fight.

Bayonetta 2 sloth

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People realize that Bayonetta 2 is actually more difficult than Bayonetta 1, right?