Being a doctor sucks

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I hope you will be happy with your choice forever.

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To help you out, these are a few myths I wish somebody told me about when I was in your shoes. Expecting to get rich fast will make you bitter and disappointed instead of happy to care for your patients. That will happen, occasionally. If you want to save lives, become an EMT.

All your patients will be grateful. Some will. If you want people to be grateful, become a life coach. Everybody will love you.

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Not quite, especially not these days. Administrators will try to bend you to their rules. Your medical society will overwhelm you with endless exams and licensure requirements. Insurance companies will try to curb you from prescribing expensive medications and costly tests.

Newsflash: The people who will love you most are the lawyers. If you want people to love you, become a motivational speaker. The world is a big place, and the efforts of one lone doctor seldom make a difference, unless your name is Lavoisier, Fleming or Koch. They hold the cards. If you think your example of selflessness and dedication will inspire others, think again. These days, doctors are vilified more and more.

If you want to inspire the next generation, become a teacher.

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Not so much. Even my own son questions my medical judgment. Thankfully, my husband knows better. Yours may not. If you want to be respected and trusted, become a nurse. Year after year, they are the most trusted and respected profession, and they deserve it. I always try to do the right thing, but many nights Being a doctor sucks wake up in a cold sweat, wondering if my patient is still alive. If you want to always be proud of your work, become an artist. You can throw away your failures.

As for my intubations? Forget it. HIPAA frowns on that. Google it. Everybody will want to date you. They might until you blow them off again and again for some emergency. Or until you fall asleep before the appetizers, after being on call for a week. If you want a hot dating pool, become a personal trainer.

My last hot pizza was in That was my healthy food. Can you spell donuts, cookies, and coffee? Why bother to be a doctor, then, you ask? The pay sucks, the job sucks, the benefits suck. Why should you go through decades of hard training, unhealthy living, and poverty to become the target everybody craps on? If so, medicine is for you. Good luck, young friend. I hope you decide you really want to be a doctor, whether they pay you, they appreciate you, they like you, or not.

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Mind your metaphors. How the administrative burden contributes to physician burnout The stethoscope is not just a prop.

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Being a doctor sucks

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