Big butt jokes

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Three guys are stranded with cannibals on an island. The first guy came back with 10 apples and by the second one he started to grunt so he was killed and eaten. The second one came back with cherries and when he went to put the 10th one in he started to laugh so he was killed and eaten.

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The two guys met in heaven and the first guy said" dude you were so close what happened? A son walks up to his dad and says "Dad!

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I just had sex for the first time. Wanna sit down and talk about it? Man looks at his friend and says "if you and a friend go camping and you two get really drunk and in the morning you wake up with a condom in your butt would you tell anyone? What did one butt check say to the other? Why do ducks have feathers? To cover their butt-quack. Is buttcheeks one word?

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Or should I spread em? Someone butt dialed me again yesterday.

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It seems that only assholes want to speak to me. What does the cannibal do after he dumps his girlfriend? He wipes his butt. Why did the bum get a slap? Because it was being to cheeky. If Italy attacked France from the rear. Would Greece help!

What did one buttcheek say to the other buttcheek Together we can stop this shit. I was pretty tight friends with my butt plug. But then we had a falling-out. What time do butts get up?

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At the crack of dawn!!! If you are American in the living room, what are you in the bathroom? An Amish Mechanic.

Big butt jokes

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Big Butt Jokes