Big noses on girls

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I have a big nose.

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Even before I could firmly wrap my brain around the concept of rhinoplasty, I would wish for a new nose. But it never happened. As a woman with a big nose, I know the struggle for others who share this plight. Case in point: Jennifer Grey. But for those of us who are sticking it out with the nose we were born with, here are 10 things that only we, the big nosed girls of the world, really understand.

It was somewhere around puberty when my nose decided it wanted to win the growing competition on my body. Eventually my face caught up to my nose, but not enough to make it seem even remotely average in size.

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All through high school I dreamed of getting a pixie cut, but the problem with such a bold move meant exposing my nose to the world. So, out of fear of further attention and ridicule, I never cut it above my chin. At chin-length, I could still hide my nose. Because even more attention will be brought to my nose.

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Of course, they started to dwindle by my late 20s, when people started to grow up, but being asked if I could smell something 10 blocks away was never fun. Seriously, people?! So I know the truth: It is that big. Although we do hang out more than I would like. By Amanda Chatel on Newsletter Up.

Big noses on girls

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How much of a turn-off is a big nose on a girl?