Black doctor wkuk

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Get Known if you don't have an. Hitler Rap. The " Hunting Accident " sketch, in which the shooter wants to go get help, but his friend tries convincing him to Leave No Witnesseswith the panicked victim and shooter reacting appropriately. The Sex Robot features, well a robot built for sex. And dancing. He menaces a neighborhood looking for sex, is arrested by the police and disgusts his inmates by humping the bars of his cell, and then is finally hanged. All while his theme song plays and narrates his every action. Sex Robot never stops dancing, even on the gallows.

At the end, immediately after hanging the Robot, the two police offers look at each other and one asks "What did Black doctor wkuk learn today? The other officer can only shrug. The Grapist. Lincoln : Ohhhh, now you fucked up! Now you fucked up! You have fucked up now! Now you have fucked up!

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Executive: sighs I"m going to go out on a limb here Executive: Nope! Executive: Go away. Trevor: We could, ehh How did that happen? A woman's clothes just fall right off her body? What's goin' on here?

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Black doctor wkuk

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