Black guy with gold teeth

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For some, gold and silver tooth caps are a recent phenomenon. The history of rocking gold teeth is as varied and divergent as it is flashy, as personal as it is brilliant.

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In actuality, the history of adorning one's teeth with hardware goes way back, well beyond that seemingly ancient Nelly hit. Archaeologists report discovering sets of teeth wound with gold wire in central Italy that are believed to date as far back as the seventh century B. They were likely primitive dentures belonging to the wealthy women of ancient Etruria.

The Maya were known to drill holes in their teeth for the express purpose of implanting circular pieces of jade in them. In both of those cases, the teeth-adorning custom was brought to an end by an invading colonial force that deemed it garish. And while neither the Roman Empire nor Spanish conquistadors have much to say about how people dress anymore, this kind of drip policing in the name of decorum and respectability mirrors something many told me they were combating by wearing their fronts.

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Each of the projects' Instagrams is filled with family photos and personal narratives that tell the story of a New York that is becoming harder and harder to recognize. There are pictures of Puerto Rican teens hanging in pre-gentrified South Williamsburg, a dapper group of Black partygoers in '50s Brooklyn, and even Brown-Cepeda herself visiting the Graffiti Hall of Fame in East Harlem with her father in the early aughts.

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Present in almost all of these images is gold: on fingers, earlobes, necks, and, of course, teeth. Emmanuel Popoteur, a model, wears an karat-gold cap on his right front incisor as an ode to the one his father used to wear. The elder Popoteur immigrated to the Bronx from the Dominican Republic as a teen in the early '70s. In the '80s and '90s, New York became the epicenter of hip-hop's golden age, bringing with it new edicts on freshness.

By that point, gold and silver teeth were most commonly seen in the mouths of West Indian men and women uptown and in Brooklyn who had emigrated from places where the use of precious metals in dental work was common. In typical hip-hop fashion, however, the city's Black and brown youth took a plebeian banality and flipped it to create something fresh, original, and undeniably fly. We have too much flavor, right? Like any good style trend, wearing custom tooth jewelry is also a conduit for self-expression. Balvin spoke about his assortment of bespoke fronts as one might discuss a collection of Swiss watches.

I feel cool with it. I feel good, and you express that. But it's not how many diamonds.

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That's the last thing I talk about. I just want to make cool stuff and find new ways to connect with my inner .

Black guy with gold teeth

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