Bobsled wardrobe malfunction

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Being chosen to compete for your country at the Olympic Games is an incredible honor for every athlete — and something that serves as inspiration for millions of people around the world. But, due to the intensely competitive nature of the Games, there are only a lucky few Bobsled wardrobe malfunction get to make it a reality and get their chance to shine.

Unfortunately for some, however, their moment in the spotlight is marred with something way beyond their control — the choice of outfit. On your mark … Get set … Fail! Russian Olympic figure skater Sergei Ponomarenko was the unfortunate victim of this wardrobe malfunction. After winning a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics, he had one more performance left with his partner, Marina Klimova.

Every country that participates in the Olympic Games has its own de that features all the clothes worn by the athletes. Some are much worse than others — as you can see here! Sure, it most likely kept them warm and cozy in the freezing Russian weather, but it also made them stand out and receive a fair amount of attention — and not for the right reasons!

During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, skier Henrik Harlaut was in the middle of a qualifying run when he experienced this huge wardrobe malfunction that was not only extremely embarrassing but also detrimental to his performance!

His baggy pants fell down as he was skiing — all the way to his knees, completely exposing his rear end and his boxer shorts! Apparently, she was worried her entire costume would fall off throughout the routine but continued anyway as though nothing had happened. During the Olympic Games in London, the Russian team made a rather bold statement with their chosen outfits, which featured a truly dizzying display of red and white swirls.

Luckily, the jackets were paired with a pair of simple white pants …. However, it could be said that this made them stand out more! Either way, most people agreed that they were over the top — and not particularly easy on the eye, either! Usually, rainbows are beautiful — but Team Germany ruined that perception during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, when they walked into the opening ceremony wearing the outfit pictured here!

During the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, the Norwegian curling team really took their outfits to the extreme. The team had already made a name for itself regarding their chosen Olympic wardrobe four years before — and as you can see, they certainly upped their game! They were sporting red shirts complete with white, blue, and red polka dots, and flamboyant Norwegian flag pants.

But luckily, he was able to see the funny side of it, as he posted this behind-the-scenes picture to his Twitter. Their dramatic outfits consisted of long, dramatic red scarves and none other Bobsled wardrobe malfunction tiger-patterned tops for the men and dresses for the women. The choice of outfit seemed like a tribute to conservation efforts for the animal, which is now extremely endangered.

The chosen outfits made the athletes look more like flight attendants, and the pattern — well, you can see for yourself how bold it was …. Not only did it attract a fair amount of attention, but it also made headlines. Not only that — they accessorized, too, donning pastel-colored fans to match the clothes. Although you can see the idea behind the outfits, the team looked slightly more suitable for an Easter bunny party than the Olympic Games! They wore white, red, and blue tracksuits during the Opening Ceremony that really caught the eye of the crowd.

Team USA went on to win an impressive medals — 83 of which were gold. The team wore cargo shorts with loose, wildly patterned button-down shirts and topped the look off with large beige hats. Still, they went on to win 27 medals in total that year, 7 of which were gold. Back inthe South Korean national team looked like they worked in a power plant when they turned up to Bobsled wardrobe malfunction Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. They certainly received a lot of attention for the outfits — and they seemed to think there was nothing peculiar about them at all!

They even threw in a bit of camo print on the sleeves, just for good measure. During the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, Team Japan took a slightly different approach to most when it came to their choice of outfit. Yes, it was fairly simple — but boy, was it bold! It might have been good luck, as they took home a total of 18 medals, 5 of which were gold. And, as you can see, this is exactly what happened to the Spanish national team.

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During the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China, wearing bright red and yellow suits, the athletes certainly stood out! Unfortunately, not in a good way — but they still went on to win a total of 19 medals. The national team layered up for the cold weather with bulky snowsuits and jackets — but the pattern was pretty crazy. It was a play on the ature Olympic rings, featuring an array of circles in dizzying patterns that certainly caught the eye of pretty much everyone they encountered!

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Maybe they thought it would bring them good luck — who knows?! The British bobsled competitor was all set to race down the track with her teammate when the worst thing possible style-wise! Her tight Bobsled wardrobe malfunction suit split at the back as she bent down to get ready to launch. Unfortunately, it exposed her entire behind — right in front of all the cameras!

And, unfortunately for them, the star and crescent moon de — which, of course, appears on the national flag — is positioned in a rather precarious place! Surely, the deer knew exactly what they were doing — and it had to receive approval somewhere down the line, right?! During the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, the Australian team looked more like they were dressed for a day out than ready to compete in a huge sporting event!

The women had bright yellow dresses covered with native Australian animals like kangaroos and koalas …. Unfortunately, the men refused to walk next to the women in the Opening Ceremony because they hated the outfits so much!

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Yes, the colors resemble — loosely — their national flag, but the outfit as a whole is pretty much a disaster! British diver Tom Daley enjoyed a huge amount of success during his career — but this moment was something entirely different. After the poor guy finished his dive, the cameras caught a glimpse of his backside due to a huge wardrobe malfunction! His trunks were pulled clean down by the force of the water when he broke the surface, meaning that his rear end was fully exposed — and unluckily for him, there are underwater cameras linking to live international TV!

We all lose ourselves in the moment on occasion — and you can imagine that this is pretty normal after just competing in something as intense as the Olympic Games. During the Sochi Winter Olympics, she finished her face and was, presumably, hot after such an intensely physical performance. So she began to unzip her uniform, only to realize seconds later that she was not wearing anything underneath! However, the show must go on — and they finished their routine!

This was where they got their reputation — the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Although you may think that they look ridiculous, the team actually claimed that the crazy patterns — and the attention they received as a result — actually helped to improve their overall performance!

Surely, if there was a country that would know about the cold — and, therefore, the appropriate things to wear — it would be Canada! But no, back in the 70s, the national team decided to put the female athletes in tiny miniskirts, despite the freezing cold. They were teamed with ridiculously fluffy boots — which probably Bobsled wardrobe malfunction very little to keep them warm! Laughs By Gur Tirosh. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Bobsled wardrobe malfunction

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