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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Last Jump to : 1 to 15 of Advanced Search. This forum thread is moderated by Admin. Posts: Sorry to hear about BC. I plan to visit in November and hope it's better then. Maybe I should just spend more time at SD.

Planning to stay at Frio Hot. Good idea or not? Just spent 4 days in BC. Nothing much to brag about. Mostly 5's and 6's in the bars. I did hook up with a looker from SD on Saturday. Pretty, great body and Boca chica escorts nice body art! But her performance was not equal to her looks. I got more enthusiasm from the less attractive girls.

On another note, the Hotel Garant is a good place to stay. Had some good food and service at the Boat House and La Terraza restaurants. in 2 hours! Next trip to the DR will be to Sosua in the spring! Reply With Quote. Posts: 4. BC recent visit Just spent 4 days in BC. Pro: - on the beach. There seems to be some space for negotiation. With three receptionists, they did not make me pay when I explained that I had booked a double or that I woul clarify this in the next morning.

So long, happy mongering! Couple of quick observations: 1. Caribe Tours have now schedules to get closer to Boca Chica from Sosua by bypassing the horrendous traffice of Santo Domingo. The ticket costs a bit more but it is certainly worthwhile as the bus uses the "circumvalacion" going around the city. Boca Chica must be quite unsafe: I noticed many hotels had the main gates under lock, I am speaking of smaller hotels. I had a great meal at a restaurant on the main drag which is closed to traffic at night. Seafood with pasta. Highly recommend. There is a very heavy contingent of Haitians in this town now, compared to say, when I last stopped by, probably years back.

I am attaching some pictures, not of Boca chica escorts they were not worth it, besides, my libido was not strong enough after having had plenty of exercise lately. Attached Thumbnails.

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Goin Mobile. However, as Gogo stated, if you are mobile, as in "with a vehicle", you can go on fishing trips in surrounding areas and the catch often times is a lot better. I stopped fucking Boca chica street girls years ago for the reasons you mention. Boca chica is fun for hanging out at the beach eating a fish and drinking a presidente.

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Boca chica is dirty, seedy and treacherous and most normal girls hate it and would never be seen there unless they were with family. This was my second trip to BC and, like the first, I found it all a bit lame. The strip of action is very small. Duarte - most girls looked very average at best, lots of crazies hanging about. For me to choose these types, I need to be feeling desperate, but I wasn't. In the entire week, I only went w 3. And all were disappointing. Baby-wrecked bodies, very mediocre performance. Short time. Requested price was DP 2.

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I looked at Tinder but didn't see anything that persudaded me to go thru the hassle of shipping one down. On the positive side, pizza and pasta was cheap! Lots of expat Italians here. My hotel Garant was 2 minute walk from the strip. Staff are firendly and helpful. Next time I visit, I will book 2 or 3 weeks, then I would have enough time to head north, where there is more and better action. Such a pity that there are no domestic flights in DR. Finally Boca chica escorts the scoop on that fish y'all love so much. It is river fish farmed and shipped in from Vietnam. They raise the same fish in Thailand.

I told my girl that I had to take a picture of that chick's big ass as we left the beach. She had he turning. On our way back to the capital we stopped for a bite at the Greek spot. Next time I will tell them to hold the flies!

I met this chick online a while back. I went over there and she was pretty standoffish. I said lets go to the beach. She said I don't go anywhere with it raining like this. I said the rain had already stopped. The she asked if we were going to fuck. I had no intentions of it but since she brought it up I said we can. She said how much will you give me. I said how much do you want. I was not making a direct response to point 2. I merely picked something out of your post to quote in order not to quote the entire thing that I wanted to make a general response to.

I know it is hard to believe, but a Boca chica escorts from San Cristobal came this morning. She is going to stay the night. She said she only needed to pay the baby sitter. When I asked how much it was the other day she went and asked the lady and said I said that is way too much.

What do you think. She said yes and that she would ask again. The lady went down to We both agreed that was decent. We drove out to Boca Chica to hit the beach. As soon as we stepped in the vicinity dudes with blue shirts were following us around with their pitch. I always just ignore them. Soon one got to my thing.

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Pina Colada. I asked how much. He said Dude I am not staying here. I get them down the other end at the restaurant that Yonkers told me about for He said okay and you will not have to pay to sit at Boca chica escorts chairs and umbrellas. He brought us 2 of them.

When we finished our drinks and headed for the water a lady wearing a black shirt rushed over saying how we could not just drink 2 drinks. I said and who the fuck are you. She said she was the waitress. I said well that dude that sat us here and brought us the drinks said we could. Then she went and got the owner. I told him that he needed to talk to the mf with red shoes if there is a problem, because he was the one that said we could sit here if we bought the 2 drinks.

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I never remember waiters, but for some reason I looked down and saw his red Converse and kept that in my head. From now on I think I will use that method. He said do you want me to go find him.

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