Bow legged black man

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New posts. Search forums. Latest activity. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Apr 1, Messages 4, Reactions 30, 12 Alleybux 21, ed Nov 8, Messages 26, Reactions 78, 1, 3, AlleybuxNever heard of guys fawning over them. ed May 1, Messages 24, Reactions1, AlleybuxI never heard of being pigeontoed as a good thing I have seen guys drool over bowlegged women. My friend told me it had something to do with being able to have sex without even having to spreading their legs but I don't know because I'm not bowlegged but it makes sense.

ed Mar 28, Messages 18, Reactions 72, 1, 2, Alleybuxed Feb 27, Messages 48, Reactions5, Alleybux 33, Jane Bow legged black man. ed Feb 27, Messages 23, Reactions 50, 1, 1, Alleybux 5, This making a comeback to? Back in 70s when I was in junior high wasn't called middle school yet some girls were trying be bowlegged and the pigeon toed walk was popular with the boys. ed Oct 18, Messages 7, Reactions 28, Alleybux 94, I have no clue why it is so commonly used by these people. ed Jan 10, Messages 11, Reactions 29, 1, 1, Alleybux 68, Fistopher said:.

Click to expand ed Dec 23, Messages 15, Reactions 42, 20 14 Alleybux 2, Ms Hembrow.

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ed Dec 16, Messages 12, Reactions 26, 84 AlleybuxA lot of girls like to stand that way when taking pics. Maybe it's 'cute' or 'flattering' to them. It has never been that way to me. ed Feb 21, Messages 9, Reactions 19, 16 12 Alleybux 26, ed Jul 8, Messages 46, Reactions10, 11, AlleybuxI have legs like like Alesandra Ambrosio.

I don't have to stand pigeon toed to get that "bow legged" look, nor am I truely bowlegged. I just have a curved calf bone. Nippy Lochte said:. Beyonce is a thicker example of a curved calf bone I guess men Bow legged black man it sexy? ed Jul 26, Messages 8, Reactions 14, 16 27 Alleybux 36, I dont know, cant describe it but its sexy as hell. ed Oct 5, Messages 4, Reactions 8, Alleybux 60, Obsessions with Bowlegged and Pigeontoed which I haven't ever heard is ghetto.

No one in high fashion is admiring anyone bowlegged. ed Oct 16, Messages 11, Reactions 5, 79 38 Alleybux 32, I refuse to wear skirts without heels to help disguise it. You ladies with straight normal legs are so lucky. ed Dec 8, Messages 7, Reactions 39, 1, Alleybux 29, I don't understand it.

I think it looks like your legs are deformed. Thighs said:. REIGN time. ed Dec 5, Messages 14, Reactions 17, 38 23 Alleybux 38, ed Aug 25, Messages 4, Reactions 12, 39 17 Alleybuxed Nov 18, Messages 9, Reactions 20, 84 40 Alleybux 2, Princess Neq. ed Jun 6, Messages 6, Reactions 6, 31 6 Alleybux 45, It looks painful to me :no:.

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ed Jul 1, Messages 6, Reactions 7, 58 22 Alleybux 90, ed Jul 24, Messages 3, Reactions 9, 38 Alleybux ,, Influence from Japanese fashion culture maybe? Being pigeontoed is considered feminine and youthful. ed Mar 16, Messages 16, Reactions 48, 80 Alleybux 47, ed Nov 4, Messages 11, Reactions 18, 72 67 Alleybux 77, Back in the day, being bowlegged used to be the SHIT!! People would pretend to be bowlegged. There are two ways: bowed legs from the front or legs bowed to the back! My family is southern, so we call it "rearing back on your calves"!! ed Jun 26, Messages 9, Reactions 7, 37 46 Alleybux 78, I've heard of this "obsession" before Even thought of Salt n' Pepa when I first saw this thread I think it's "okay" if it's not too noticeable Because then it looks really really strange But I just don't think it's something to find "sexy" - like why that body part?

But to each their own. Mo Knows Best. ed Jul 4, Messages Reactions 1, 1 Alleybux 25, Some of us are naturally or pigeon toed I'm the latter of the two. When I attempt to stand straight or "normal", I feel off balance and like a strong wind might knock me over. My child is also pigeon toed. No way of correcting this that I'm aware of. Pink Topaz. ed Jan 15, Messages 9, Reactions 64, 1, Alleybux My friend told me it had something to do with being able to have sex without even having to spreading their legs.

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Bow legged black man

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