Boy gets kicked in the nuts

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A boy in Alaska who was protesting against transgender people using the appropriate restroom was kicked in the groin by a girl. As they were walking in, a girl who was leaving the bathroom kneed one of them in the groin. The others ran away.

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The girl who kneed the boy was expelled from the school. The seven boys were disciplined, although the district would not say how. Alaska Representative Tammie Wilson Rwhose district includes the high school, said that the punishment was excessive.

And so will our community. Gaborik said that there have been at least 16 transgender students at North Pole High School that she knows about. She said that each case is handled differently, with some trans students using the bathroom associated with their sex ased at birth, some using the bathroom with their gender, and others sticking to the single-person restrooms.

Many people across the state feel the same way. Another said it proves that looking at naked women can turn men gay. The year-old was seeking help with a menstrual condition when she saw the paperwork after her visit. She ended up with a broken nose and both victims got a 5-day suspension. The administration ended up with over pissed off students. Photo: AP. Christian college students are protesting selection of Mike Pence as commencement speaker.

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Latest Stories. Show Comments. More in News. Saturday, October 9, Guardian columnist ties cis male murderer to trans women. Now people are protesting their office.

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Boy gets kicked in the nuts

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Kicked In The Nuts