Boyfriend wears skirts

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I totally see your point with these pics. They are fashion disasters with jarring colors. Its umm I dunno, something about it just says "I'm different" and that's awesome. Skirts were actually originally meant for men, so were heels. Women just sort of, took them over. The pope is the pope. End of story. Besides I would never have the pope as a bf. You don't look at the guy and think "I want to kiss him, have sex with him, etc. No one is sexualy attracted to him. I can never understand the whole "Alpha Male" thing. Fair point, well made. The vow of solvency is by choice.

He chose a path that demanded he vow solvency. As far alpha males, everything has its limit. I wouldn't like a douche bag like the one you have in mind. Take the information provided in the link into. Or a woman for that matter. I'm one voice in 7. I'm not saying i am correct, but that is my opinion.

I am entitled one. The same way you are. Seriously, if you wear this in public be prepared to feel crosshairs on you I like that you understand you can't controll "own" a man, as long as he doesn't controll you and can do things you ask him to if Boyfriend wears skirts feels like it. I think that's one thing most men haven't learned yet. There is no male version of the feminist movement, bc the feminist movement happened as a result of male attempted domination.

Men dont need a feminist movement. They need to get over themselves ; their masculinity and on with life. Tis guy isn't hurting anyone. However there's resentment Clinging to past no matter how limited, must have benefits that outweigh the peace of being able to live freely, for some. If you dont know that ask an adult to explain it to you.

So being natural man means being natural, and being a natural woman means being 'unnatural' Women are to be beautiful, and men tough. Hairs are supposed to protect the men from glass and tough things, because assumingly, he is protecting the woman, in a heterosexual relationship anyway. Awww come on! You don't wanna pull up his skirt and pound him with a strap on? Gees so narrow minded. I wear skirts in my home only because I think skirts are more comfortable than shorts so girls would you let your boyfriend wear skirts? I just like to wear skirts.

Share Facebook. Girls: Would you let your BF wear skirts? Add Opinion. I can understand you find it more comfortable but there Boyfriend wears skirts masculine ways of doing it. Women wear pants but they don't wear men's pants, they have pants deed for women. An example of how men wear 'airy' clothes is like the Arabs who have the long dress type thing, which I think looks so hot on them. The Indian men have a long cloth that they wrap around the waist. The Africans also have a cloth that they drape like a dress.

Monks and priests also have masculine dress-type outfits. If my bf were to wear it in a masculine fashion I would be ok with it but if we both wear the same type of skirt it would be a problem. 7. I wouldn't like him to wear them in front of me. JPG grandmap7. LittleSally 5.

The link doesn't work I think skirts are made for men and pants for women. It makes a lot more sense anatomically I love kilts or something like this:. Ezio Xper 6. You really wear skirts? Perhaps you should go to Scotland. They wear kilts! But in honesty man I think that's a little weird. If it floats your boat keep doing it but as a man, i do think that's strange.

I'm pleasently surprised so many women said they would be fine with this. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I don't really care what other guys do but I wouldn't date someone who wears a skirt. I like manly, alpha male guys. Knowing that he wears a skirt would take the manliness off him even if he isn't gay. That being said why don't you try oversized boxers or those Thai fishermen pants? Show All Boyfriend wears skirts Less. JasmineGrace Xper 4.

In some cultures, and throughout history, it's common for men to wear robes or skirts. It's only recently that it's become a "feminine" thing. Do what makes you feel comfortable in private, but when out and about, probably not a good idea if you don't want to be teased or bullied. Sure, providing they had nice legs like yours!

I have a "thing" for this stuff anyway.

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I hope that you wouldn't mind me, wanting to put hosiery and heels on you too. Hope you shave those legs, nothing worse than hairy legs in a skirt. You'd be a lot of fun to go shopping with! I'd wear a kilt, but then I'd have to learn to play the pipes, and what do you wear underneath, boxers, briefs, boxer briefs or nothing? Nothing against the pipes, but not if I had to play 'amazing grace'. MaskedSanity Yoda. If my boyfriend wants to wear a skirt, he can damn well do so.

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He's a grown-ass man and can make his own choices. But I wouldn't let him wear MY skirts, lol. Bitch should buy his own. BlueSJ Yoda. Well, I don't have the right to "let" or "not let" someone to wear something. I would not try to control or prevent that. They are free to wear whatever they are comfortable with at home. Honestly, though, that is really strange! Can't you try other alternatives like Kilts, baggy pants, robes, or maybe even some men clothes from other cultures? Technically I can't "let" him do anything. He's not my pet or my possession.

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He can do whatever the heck he wants. And at 6'5 and lbs But I must admit I'd be a little weirded out by it.

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I mean, I don't even wear skirts because I find them impractical and annoying but I mean, he can if he wants I can't imagine my boyfriend doing that though. Ceewolf Xper 4.

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Honestly to each is one's own. If you dig it bro go with it. And if ladies hate on it then shrug those ones off if they aren't going understand that you find him comfortable. Melee Xper 5. As long as you don't wear it when you're going out I think it's fine. The skirt's cute by the way! And your legs are so slim LOL! Those are your legs? They look quite Honestly, I would have a problem with this. I want to date a man.

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Not someone who is denying their inner cross-dressing desires. That kind of psychological confusion is very unappealing to me. TayIzMe Xper 4.

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I may question his sexuality a little bit at first lol, but with everything else, I would accept it because it's true, skirts are pretty comfortable. AlexAnimeFreak Xper 6. I think its cute!

Boyfriend wears skirts

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My boyfriend wears skirts, help!