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Instagram was made for models. Not only does it let them share shots that tragically ended up on the cutting-room floor, it also affords them the opportunity to share their own snaps and selfies for a change. So, from wearing penguin suits we aren't talking tuxes and taking naps with puppies to skydiving and rolling on the beach with other models, here's what today's top male models really want you to see. View on Instagram. This model was made on Instagram.

Just last summer, while he was working in construction with his father, he posted a picture of himself —in cut-off blue jeans and work boots—to Instagram. Apparently, construction does the body good. Within a month, top modeling agency Wilhelmina had ed him. The German model—and co-owner of Haze and Glory clothing line—is always traveling the globe, snapping enviable shots of locales, including Bali and Cape Town.

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Plus, you can expect a good bit of food porn and pics of the model snuggling with puppies and kittens. The epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, David Gandy has perhaps the classiest feed on Instagram. Expect black-and-white pics, luxury cars, fedoras, tuxedos, and pictures of him in Dolce Gabbana. In recent years, Huebl has started working on both sides of the camera, shooting covers for Scene Magazine New York and others.

This Spanish-born model updates his profile daily, and with more than just steamy selfies and shots for brands including HM, 7 for All Mankind, and David Yurman—although those are pretty awesome, too. His "Wow, he's a real person" photos with family, friends, and his rescue dog, Ator, are what truly make his feed worth following.

While you can view pictures of Rob Evans alongside Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks on his Instagramthe bulk of this model, boxer, and former America's Next Top Model judge's feed is all about his workouts. Check out his pics and watch in awe as he bench-presses plus Brown skin male models. One look at this Calvin Klein regular's feed and you'd kill to be his best friend. Not only does he embrace his Indiana roots—posting pics of him welding, fishing, and milking cows—he's also a huge adventure seeker. Check out pictures of him skydiving at sunset, zip-lining in Slovenia, and ice-climbing in Vermont.

This always-fashionable model, who was featured in the March issue of Detailssporting the best silk shirts, blazers, and pants, shows his edge on Instagram. Pictures of his shoots for Tommy Hilfiger and Bottega Veneta take a backseat to those of house parties, gold teeth, and pizza stored in plastic shopping bags.

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One scroll through his Instagram feed and it's obvious what Zachary Quinto sees in him—apart from looks, that is. Pictures of "pillow vibrators" and roller coasters and self-deprecating comments like "Sculpture? Sleek, stylish, and completely unpretentious, this Georgia native launched his modeling career after a recruiter discovered his prom photos on MySpace.

Now, his Instagram feed is a perfect blend of Penshoppe photoshoots and baby pictures of him wearing bunny ears. He puts it best, " istillwearthatwhenimalone bunniesarethugtoo. The English-Nigerian model has one of the most unique looks in the modeling world.

His Instagram feed's no different. Acrobats, walks through wind farms, polo matches, catwalks, and pictures with his equally attractive wife can suck you into scrolling Brown skin male models his feed for hours. Expect Paris rooftops, Jean Paul Gaultier photo shoots, red carpets, and, of course, that hair. This model actually posts more photos of himself on swings with his daughter and sonogram pics of his sonbike videos, and McDonald's shout-outs than he does pictures of his work with brands that include Dolce Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. Pretty cool. His Instagram feed proves why.

It's filled with pictures of him cozying up with Christie Brinkley for Barneys, skateboarding in Southern California, and talking on a "lobsterphone" a lobster when he doesn't have cell al. A true adventurist, when Landon Falgoust isn't on set potentially being photographed in the buffhe's snapping selfies of himself rock-climbing, climbing palm trees, and wearing an Elmo costume's head, shirtless, and carrying a pimped-out dog. Apart from the occasional Banana Republic shot, Tomas Guarracino's Instagram feed is like that of any one of your fitness-loving friends. It's filled with sweaty postk snaps, healthy breakfasts, and, of course, the bathroom-mirror selfies.

A lot of the posts come with the flexed-arm emoji.

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We could all use the fitspiration. Garrett Neff, gwneff. His Instagram feed is perfectly down to earth: Glamping, swinging in a hammock, riding in a shopping cart, kissing a llama. Okay, the last one was during a Vogue photo shoot. But still pretty chill. Ultra chic and perfectly styled in every photo, Alexandre Cunha's Instagram feed gives a behind-the-scenes look at Lacoste underwear shoots, Dolce Gabbana shows, and the occasional soccer match.

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RiverViiperi, riverviiperi. Rope workouts, Sunday fundays spent on balconies and fashion shoots many of which include him making funny faces fill his feed. He's got the serious and smoldering thing down on the New York Fashion Week catwalk and in Chanelbut in his selfies, he's all smiles.

Posing with other actors, dressing up like a penguin because, why not? Plus, the world's top male models share their best "come hither" face:.

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Instagram content View on Instagram. Andre Hamann, andrehamann. Johannes Huebl, johanneshuebl. Clark Bockelman, clarkbockelman. Sung Jin Park, teriyakipapi. Miles McMillan, milesmcmillan. Sean O'Pry, seanopry Willy Cartier, willycartier.

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Marlon Teixeira, marlontx. Landon Falgoust, landocommando0. Tomas Guarracino, tomiguarracino. Alexandre Cunha, alexxxcunha.

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The 20 Hottest Male Models on Instagram Right Now