Caged 2011 film

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Caged Genre: Drama, Thriller. Country: Netherlands. Duration: min. Story: After years of suppressing her desires, Stella finds she can no longer ignore her deep-rooted longings. Breaking out of her cage and starting a secret double-life, Stella transforms into a "unicorn", a nickname for single women who indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle, visiting sex clubs and erotic parties, and flourishing with all the new attention. Even as her husband uncovers his Stella's secret life, he can't do much more than give her the freedom that she obviously needs, in the hope it's all just a phase.

Then one day she finds herself lying unconscious in a basement cell, with no idea how she arrived there. Days go by when an other woman is brought into her cell. Christine, a woman about the same age. In the following days they reveal their life stories to one other. Christine is convinced that the reason for their captivity lies in Stella's lifestyle. Style: psychological, disturbing, erotic, rough, bleak, serious, sexual, tense, sexy, emotional Plot: sexual torture, erotic Caged 2011 film, killed during sex, female masturbation, sex therapist, introspection, uncover truth, captivity, downfall, crimes, strong sexual content, sexual relations, confined, sexual abuse, life is a bitch, family problems, looking for sex, infidelity, isolation, kidnapping, nymphomaniac, sex party, abduction, double penetration, strong violent content Time: 21st century, contemporary.

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Movie in sexual torture. Most similar movies to Caged The list contains related movies ordered by similarity. Recommendation engine sorted out realistic, serious, suspenseful and psychological films with plots about crimes, female nudity, couples, infidelity, strong sexual content, life is a bitch and family problems mostly in Drama, Thriller and Romance genres. The matching attributes are highlighted in bold. Subscribe for new and better recommendations:. Pleasure or Pain Country: USA. Duration: 99 min. Story: A young deer falls under a man's erotic spell and is drawn into a world of sexual abandon from which she may never return.

Style: eroticrealisticserioussexysexual Plot: swinger coupleopen marriage, bdsm, sex club, orgasm Caged 2011 film, sexual relationslove affair, obsession, sex addict, dull life, seduction, strong sexual content Time: contemporary21st century. Place: los angeles, usa, oklahoma. Yes No. The Seasoning House Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller. Country: UK. Duration: 90 min. Story: The Seasoning House - where Caged 2011 film girls are prostituted to the military. An orphaned deaf mute is enslaved to care for them. She moves between the walls and crawlspaces, planning her escape.

Planning her ingenious and brutal revenge. Style: roughseriousrealisticbleakatmospheric Audience: teens. Time: 20th century, 90s, s. Place: europe, balkan. The Kreutzer Sonata Genre: Drama. Edgar Hudson meets Abby, a concert pianist, at a dinner party. Abby is involved with someone else but that doesn't stop the two from acting upon their Style: eroticserioussexypsychological thrillercaptivating Plot: sexual abuseobsession, couple relations, family problemscouples, crumbling marriagelife is a bitchstrong sexual contentdysfunctional marriageinfidelityunfulfillmentnudity full frontal - brief Place: beverly hills, usa.

Suspicious River Country: Canada. Duration: 92 min. Story: A young married woman Parker sells her body, not just for money, to guests at the motel where she works as a receptionist. Style: psychologicalroughdisturbingeroticrealistic Plot: sexual abuseprostitute, infidelitysurvival, dangerous attraction, destructive relationship, haunted by the past, family problemsdanger, life is a bitchsmall town, strong sexual content Time: 90s.

Place: usa, vancouver british columbia canada, vancouver. Movie in collections. The Pet Duration: 94 min. Story: A young woman in dire financial straights accepts an offer to be a wealthy aristocrat's human "pet" for six months.

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Style: disturbingpsychologicalroughrealisticsuspense Plot: slave auction, sexual abusedehumanization, captivityconfinedpower relations, lifestyle, life is a bitchbdsm, domestic violence, slave trade, pets Place: usa. Also search: Films like Eyes Wide Shut 7. Isabelle Story: Isabelle is a famous and beloved actress from the Netherlands, who disappears when on Holiday in Belgium. She has been kidnapped by bartender Jeanne Bitor, an artist with a disfigured face. Jeanne is very bitter about her 'ugly' Style: psychologicalserioussuspensefulsuspense, contemplative Plot: starvation, mind game, captivityobsession, social differences, isolationcrimesmentally unstable, rivalry, actor's life, society, confined Time: 21st centurycontemporary.

Place: holland, belgium, europe. Country: France. Story: When Ilan Halimi is kidnapped for ransom because Jewish and supposedly rich, his Caged 2011 film and the police start a race against time to save him from the tortures of the "gang of barbarians". Style: disturbingpsychologicalrealisticsincere, serious Plot: investigation, family in crisis, life is a bitchfamily problemsmissing child, crimesconfinedabductionransom, kidnappingcrime, police. Place: france, paris france. Suite 16 Country: UK, Belgium, Netherlands.

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Story: After an argument and fight with a wealthy one night stand in a posh hotel, young hustler Chris finds himself trapped inside. With nowhere to go and the cops closing in on the hotel fast, he wanders into "Suite 16" in a fit of despair. Style: sexualroughdisturbingsuspensefulbleak Plot: hotel, strong sexual contentfemme fatale, hostage, manipulation, dangerous attraction, sexual abuseobsession, voyeurism, murdercrimeson the run Place: europe, french riviera.

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Show Me Duration: 97 min. Story: When two squeegee kids descend upon Sarah and her luxury sedan, the fuse is lit on a tense cat and mouse tale of captors and captives. Sarah is forced to continue her trip to an isolated cottage where the twisted trio bait and entice one another in Style: psychologicalroughsuspensefulseriousrealistic Plot: kidnappingmind game, rivalry, deadly, danger, youth, confinedcouples, teenage life, isolationwoman in danger, captivity Pandora's Box Story: Stuck in a dull marriage, successful shrink Mia DuBois follows a patient's advice and exposes her wild side at a private underground club, where she meets a handsome stranger and begins an affair that may cost her more than just her husband.

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Style: psychologicalsuspensefulrealisticserioustense Plot: infidelitymurdernightclub, who done it, dangerous attraction, love affair, mysterious character, manipulations, love and romance, femme fatale, crimesmanipulation Time: contemporary. Also search: Films like Nymphomaniac: Vol. Swingers Genre: Drama, Romance. Duration: 93 min. Story: Despite Diana's insecure nature, she and her husband Julian agree with the idea to sexually experiment with another Caged 2011 film. They put out an ad on the net to which the well experienced Alex and Timo react.

We follow Diana and Julian as they Style: sexysexualserioussuspensefulrealistic Plot: swingermate swapping, wife swapping, sexual relationsstrong sexual contentcouples, sexploitation, swinger coupleswingerslooking for sexeroticawife husband relationship Place: holland. Rapt Country: France, Belgium. Story: A rich industrialist is brutally kidnapped. While he physically and mentally degenerates in imprisonment, the kidnappers, police and the board of the company of which he is director negotiate about the ransom of 50 million euro.

Style: realisticserioussuspensefultensebleak

Caged 2011 film

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