Can you solo icc

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By StanDecember 15, in News. It seems soloing old raids is still a problem on live servers, as players are reporting they're incapable of soloing bosses that were ly doable without any issues. Players are reporting on Reddit they cannot solo raid Can you solo icc at level 60 and Item Level in Shadowlands, even though the same encounters weren't a problem back at level 50 and Item Level in Battle for Azeroth. The issue also extends to older raids, not just Legion.

The dog bosses in Mogu'shan Vaults now survive a full rotation, and the same goes for Black Temple. According to reportsplayers are dealing the same amount of damage to bosses in Antorus as they do to Shadowlands mobs, compared to like 10 more in Emerald Nightmare. Sloot yesterday talked to Game Director Ion Hazzikostaswho said they need specific examples where raid tuning feels off.

Let's see if Blizzard fixes Legacy raid soloing! Source : Reddit. I just don't think they care at the moment, with so much work to be done tuning Shadowlands for the next couple years. Frankly, I don't really think they should devote any time or effort to something like this so early into the launch of a new expansion.

The focus needs to be on the game people just paid for, not legacy content. I'm not a coder, but haven't they broken game systems with smaller hotfixes before? Isn't it worth just letting the sleeping dog lay for now? You have a buff in ICC that decreases enemy health and increases your damage, so they could do just that if they don't have enough time to fix scaling.

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They already hotfixed the BfA scaling, so your argument is invalid based on their own actions since SL launched. They probably don't want people looking backwards at the moment, just forwards to the new stuff - so even if unintended I'm not sure they'll be in a rush to fix it!

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To be fair, the idea of vs in this case is moot because of azerite gear and HOA necklace. So, you have to choose higher gear stats or lower gear stats with more powers azerite and essences. Plus, we just underwent not one but two squishes character and item levelso we are not particularly strong right now. Personally, I also like to farm legacy raids, but I don't think is a very strong position to start farming yet. Understandable if it was BfA content, but those are raids from two expansions ago.

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In expansions such stuff would have been doable already. Yes, theoretically. Unfortunately, our stats have taken a big hit since SL launch. If it wasn't for the combination of both covenant ability and essence, I would barely have noticed the increase in power when I go back to Azeroth. Also, I have a feeling that, somehow, legion raids are classified as similar in power to bfa. I suspect it is due to the artifact weapon scaling issue. If I am not mistaken, the artifact weapon can be boosted to nearly ilvl.

I actually felt that mythic Underrot is easier than mythic Nighthold, so either scaling issue or HOA power. So yes, we may need scaling or we may need higher item levels. Not just for Legion raids, I could kill Blackhand before the 2nd phase start in the last expansion. Now, even the 3rd phase starts. I remember BfA had initially some strange scaling during leveling. For example, I was able to kill some rares before max level, but after reaching it, I needed like 2 players to help me.

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It was rather weird, when leveling actually made me feel weaker. For Legion content I assume some tuning like simply lowering some hp and damage should be enough. They need to remove artifacts out of equation, since these are legacy items.

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I suggested that they most likely have a larger priority list regarding the new expansion, I was not making an argument against or for anything. Considering they pushed out a sloppy fix to the BFA scaling and Legion scaling is still off, I'm going to AGAIN assume they aren't dedicating a lot of resources to tuning legacy content right now.

Again, I am making an assumption - not an argument. I can link definitions to both words for you if you need further clarification. My problem is, I have a ton of old chain quests for old raids that I don't want to drop, but I need to get them out of my log.

Its been driving me nuts so I tried to finish some off last night to make room. I went to emerald nightmare to finish one, got nuked by first boss. Last xpack I was able to kill the boss in less than 30 seconds before nuke goes off. Guess I'll just have to keep holding on to these and deal with the lack of quests I can take til they get this figured out. Nah I'm good, you're the same dude who didn't understand that the Warrior changes already went live 3 days ago when we had realm restarts, and commented the same question on a couple posts, pretty sure I don't need you to explain anything.

They didn't go live three days ago when they were announced. The post said that they were going live on the 15th with restarts, which was today. The original post also said the changes were ongoing and may be different when finalized. Then, they made another post today in which the changes were left off presumably, at this point, by accident.

As I was looking to quickly ascertain the status of the changes, I posed the question across a variety of venues in order to increase odds of response. Also, I wasn't going to explain anything further to you, but rather provide you with additional resources from which to better understand the conversation. As I did not write any of the content for any virtual or printed dictionary, simply providing you with the resource would not qualify as giving you my own explanation. Fair enough. But people who pay for subscription doesn't only pay for Shadowlands.

Because new content is out, doesn't mean that they should stop caring about the old content. I for one, like doing old content even if new one is just released. Been looking forward to do solo Mythic Legion raids, and is very dissapointed about the fact it is impossible for me.

Same - currently my Can you solo icc is that I'm making sure not to level any characters to 60 until I'm done with all that since pre old raids are still pretty doable. But that basically makes me not play the new content, so most likely not what Blizz would want Then why did they leave the legacy requirements to unlock the additional races? I want to look forward, but I also never got to unlock the Kul Tiran or Mechagnomes because I started bfa late in the game. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

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We are previewing the Hunter Mage Tower set coming in Patch 9. David was a ificant part of what AWC is today. Here's the goodbye message DMachine left on his Twitter. Running of the Gnomes It's time for the Great Gnomeregan Run today. You can donate here if you wish to support the fundraiser.

Can you solo icc

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