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Welcome to the four hundred and eighty-seventh in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. for an archive of the four hundred and eighty-six. This week, was the Batman villain Anarky originally created to become the new Robin?

Did Jack Kirby not know what color the Thing was going to be? And finally, did Iron Man really make an oddly sexual proposition to Captian America in a Cap issue? NOTE: The column is on three s, a for each legend. There's a little "next" button on the top of the and the bottom of the to take you to the next and you can navigate between each by just clicking on the little 1, 2 and 3 on the top and the bottom, as well.

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He was a vigilante who used rather extreme methods to punish "bad" people, like corrupt he of corporations I had originally hoped, when I wrote the first story that Anarky would eventually end up as the new Robin. Grant and Breyfogle at least got the chance to introduce Tim Drake in his new Robin costume a year or so after that Anarky issue So it wasn't quite a matter of O'Neil choosing Tim Drake over Anarky so much as Tim Drake had already been decided on before Anarky was introduced, but otherwise, the story as Jonathon says it is true. Earlier this week we lost one of the few remaining links we have to the beginning of the Marvel Age, as Stan Goldberg passed away.

Goldberg is best known for his long tenure drawing Archie for Archie Comics, but he also played a key role in the start of the Marvel Age, as he was a freelance colorist for Marvel in the early s and from he was in charge of Marvel's color guides. In it, Goldberg talked about his tenure as Marvel's coloring guru As far as coloring those books, it was all left up to me, really. If you look at those first five years, from tothat's when I did all the books. Right after that I Captain america solid dick just doing special books, but those five years I did practically everything.

There might have been something Marie [Severin] had done, but I did ninety percent of creating all the color schemes for the heroes and the villains. If you look at the heroes you can see basic colors: reds and blues and a little bit of yellow. The reds and blues were very important for the superheroes. You really wanted them to pop out and those were colors that I could ensure that I was going to get. Place them in the right spots on the heroes, it worked. Jack made it easy. The first ["Fantastic Four"] didn't have any costumes but in the second book he put this long underwear on them with the 4 on the chest and I figured just keep them blue.

I've never given blue to a villain.

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Orange was a color that we used and Captain america solid dick Thing wasn't a human being so I could have made him anything, but orange was the best color to work with for him. He looked like bricks or earth. I got word from Kirby that that worked out fine. With Spider-Man, there's your red and blue, but even the blue on the early Spider-Mans was a deeper blue, a blue with a lot of red in it.

In those days it had more of a deep purple-y blue instead of just a flat blue. The villains were green and magenta and burnt umber and gray and everything else that went along with deep and dark muddy colors. If they couldn't come out that well, it was okay, because they were the bad guys.

The heroes always got their red, yellows, and blues. I could go on with a lot of stories about why I did this and why I did that, but never in my wildest dreams did Stan and I imagine that we would talk about this for so many years. Just as an aside, that reason he mentions about the deep, muddy colors not coming out well is the reason that the Hulk was changed from gray to green as noted in one of the earliest Comic Book Legends Revealed. But anyhow, while it is clear that Goldberg WAS in charge of determining color schemes of characters, did he seriously do it without input from the artists on the books?

It's a tough one, as the only way to know for sure would be to hear from Jack Kirby, a fellow who passed away two decades ago. However, after conferring with the always helpful Tom Brevoort when I'm unsure about something involving early Marvel, Tom is always awesome to bounce an idea off ofI tentatively am willing to say that Goldberg likely DID determine, at the very least, what color the Thing would be. As Tom notes, Kirby would not have had any say in what color the monsters were in the old Marvel monster mags, so it seems unlikely that he would have looked at the coloring of the Thing any differently at the time.

Coloring back then was in such a nascent stage that pencilers rarely concerned themselves with it as it tended to be highly inconsistent back then.

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A character could be colored one way one issue and another way the next issue. Tom is a bit doubtful, though, about Spider-Man's costume, and I tend to agree that it seems more likely to me that Ditko had the color scheme in mind when he deed Spider-Man's costume. From what I've read about Ditko's de for Spider-Man, it seems like he went a lot more in depth than a typical character de at the time, as Spider-Man had a longer development time than most, so I tend to believe that Goldberg didn't originate the colors for Spidey. The time Iron man offered Captain America some solid dick.

I've seen this panel around the web where Iron man offers Captain America some solid dick, apparently it was slang to mean straight talk at the time the comic was published. I was wondering if there's any validity to this? Somehow, people have been passing it around under the theory "wow, solid dick was slang for giving solid advice back in the day! Thanks to the Grand Comics Database for this week's covers! Feel free heck, I implore you!

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My e-mail address is cronb01 aol. The cover is by Kevin Hopgood the fellow who deed War Machine's armor.

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Captain america solid dick

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Marvel comics is old enough that "solid dick" was slang for "straight talk" NEEO