Cat from soul eater

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It was stated that Blair was a Monster Cat with very strong magical powers. From what I've seen she's identical to a witch in every way.

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They both have magical powers. They are both animal themed. Both have animal and human forms. And their souls even look similar. What exactly is the difference? Witch's were still human souls, Blair's is a cat's soul. I didn't see what sub this was from and assumed u meant the movie Blair Witch, then becoming extremely confused I found out it's just Soul Eater.

Blair has nine souls or at least used to; it's unknown how many times she's diedwhereas a Witch only has one.

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The souls are fundamentally different types too. Also, a Witch looks human and can turn into an animal, whereas Blair is a cat who can turn into a human-like form. It's unknown why Blair can use magic or has all the mannerisms of a typical Witch. My theory is that she used to be a Witch's familiar and learnt magic from her, with the Witch's behaviour rubbing off on her too.

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Found the internet! What exactly is the difference between Blair and a Witch? Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best. Witches have witch souls, not human souls. Very interesting. More posts from the souleater community. Come take a peak inside! You will never know what kind of things you will find!

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Cat from soul eater

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