Catwoman and poison ivy kiss

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The story will most likely be based on the DC comic series of the same name, which has the trio of big-time DC baddies uniting as partners in crime. The kiss was deeply romantic, and officially solidified the pairing as canon.

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But Harley and Ivy have since broken upa move that left many a DC fan reeling. Despite the two of them living together, they would occasionally hook up with other characters. Their relationship was venerated by fans for its proof that Harley was capable of complex, emotional relationships, and even further proof that happiness can be found after a toxic relationship after all.

The harmful relationship was romanticized, and Robbie herself often spoke out against the abuse.

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I found that really frustrating. Fans seem to really love that about her, that she has this complete devotion to a guy that treats her badly.

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They could start a truly whirlwind romance with their pal Catwoman ing them on dastardly adventures. It would actually be perfect, and much, much healthier.

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Caitlin Busch. Mind and Body.

what is hookup mean Catwoman and poison ivy kiss

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Poison Ivy Kissing Batman