Charleston mom swap

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They attracted 5, members. Charleston mom swap it is a Large group. You can find this group by searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo. We last updated on Welcome moms!! This is a place to post all of your for sale items as well as items you may be in search of. Intentionally selling recalled items will get you removed. Excessive bumping is every other day, every day, or more often. Don't do it. Please post where pickup is when listing the item.

Offenders will be booted- I am sick of warning people about this. DO NOT spam your business- this is a group for selling items not marketing your business. Doing this will get you removed. I would suggest ing a Charleston networking for that type of spamming- this is not the place. During the holiday season selling homemade items is acceptable. Arranging meetups and then not showing or cancelling over and over will also Charleston mom swap in removal. I don't have time for strikes and time out warnings so use common sense.

We all know the golden rule- if you wouldn't want to be treated like that don't do it to others. This includes skipping over people posting for items for people who offer more money or are able to meet quicker. Changing prices due to popularity is wrong and will get you the boot. If you want to post multiple pics please post them in the comments of the original pic- not in a separate picture because the picture will be separated from the original post when someone comments on it.

OBO posts are also setting yourself up for drama. If someone wants to offer you less- trust me they will. Post "sold" or "me please" or something of that nature. Posting interested does not hold your item. The definition of interested means to show curiosity about something NOT you want something. Collecting donations for charity groups is fine but I don't have time to research everyone looking for handouts to make sure they are not scammers from other boards.

We are all busy moms so please be considerate of everyone taking time out of their daily lives to set up a meet. If anyone is breaking rules feel free to pm me and I will take care of it. Group Type:. Related Groups.

Charleston mom swap

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