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N ot long ago, at home in Paris, Charlotte Rampling switched on the old movie channel she watches all the time, the way some people leave the radio on. She saw that one of her films was playing. Rampling plays Margaret without a trace of self-consciousness, even as Max hooks his hairy arms around her neck and nuzzles in for a snog. She sat through the whole thing, on her own. Rampling, sitting in a near-silent cafe off Brick Lane in east London, booms as she repeats this.

She adopts this instructive tone every now and then, like someone who has hit Caps Lock by mistake. Rampling, 68, was the first to pose nude for Helmut Newtoninand 30 years later clutched Juergen Teller to her breast in a campaign for Marc Jacobs.

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But the commandment has stuck: Do Not Look. This is the old-fashioned, common-sense Rampling talking — daughter to Isabel, a painter, and Godfrey, a lieutenant-colonel in the Royal Artillery and an ex-Olympic sprinter. This is Rampling the archetypal postwar Brit she was born in She has now lived in Paris longer than she lived in London, but in the past few years has made a tentative return — not to live, but to work.

Inshe played a retired spy in Restlessthe TV adaptation of the William Boyd novel, and gently reminded British directors of her existence.

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The plot is being protected as ferociously as the nuclear codes, and Rampling can say precisely nothing about any of it. You just get very involved with these people. Could she do it? But at the same time, I rather love the idea of it.

We all feel a bit abandoned. They have no references for me, or my life, my childhood, my upbringing, my schooling. They like that, and I like that. So how does it feel to be back? London, on the afternoon we meet in early December, is angrily cold, hardly welcoming.

Marianne and I are exactly the same age, and we sort of crystallised in that moment. Everything was possible, genuinely possible. After Meredith has an unwanted baby, she lies in a hospital bed Charlotte rampling feet files her nails. In the same year, her older sister killed herself. When Rampling speaks of it now, her voice flattens. How could I? I could feel the whole thing going to vinegar. In the aftermath of that loss, Rampling turned inward. And there was. She [Sarah] blasted that, which was good.

Perhaps that was a good thing that came out of it. She changed course, getting married, twice — first to the actor Bryan Southcombe inand then to the composer Jean Michel Jarre six years later. She had a son by each — Barnaby, born inand David, in After she became a mother, work came second. That was no sacrifice at all, because it was what I wanted. I knew there was something I had to say in this business. I knew there would be people who wanted me to say these things.

There are times like this when Rampling can sound regally self-confident, certain of her contribution and its worth. It is like talking to someone who has experienced a religious calling, and who had no option but to follow its voice. Charlotte rampling feet was never interested in success in any mainstream sense — money, fame, Hollywood, awards. I open up and if someone wants it, come and get it.

If not, OK. I find it very, very difficult to ask for anything. Fortunately, the roles came to her. Because acting was a therapy of sorts, Rampling played the parts she found difficult, complicated. That was all.

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So Rampling has played neurotics, victims, monsters and chimp-lovers. But the mystery card can be overplayed. She seemed to laugh a lot. The Look was pure performance. She contemplates a facelift, having The Look dismantled once and for all.

Before she arrived on the set of Broadchurch, the actors were apparently intimidated at the thought of this great brooding figure from the continent ing the cast. But she was the opposite — mischievous, good value. The Look is easily replaced by The Grin, and you can see it in the one publicity photograph released for Broadchurch: a wide, easy smile as Rampling sits surrounded by the cast, like a hen encircled by chicks.

What is her role among these younger actors — the auntly figure, handing out wisdom from on high? Rampling shakes her head. She might not be as mysterious, or as serious, as people assume, but she is proudly self-sufficient, happiest Charlotte rampling feet working and on the move. It gets me on the train, on the plane, into a hotel. It works better that way.

For the moment, that freedom means work. She says her part in that film has bedded in, taken hold of her psyche, as some of them do. They came from me. The show keeps her in actorly shape, away from the coddled seclusion and control of a film set. Charlotte Rampling. Sophie Elmhirst. Sat 20 Dec Topics Charlotte Rampling Broadchurch features. Reuse this content.

Charlotte rampling feet

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