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Every once in a while a troll comes around and changes up the monotony. Reddit is still great for delivering interesting stories, but not as much for debate it seems. Maybe some good, real, debate can be had there. Maybe I'm just the type of person who needs constant change. Possible solution: Many seem to say that the problem is that unpopular yet legitimate opinions get downvoted and buried.

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Maybe the opinions with the most upvotes and those with the most downvotes should go to the top kind of like a parabola graph. This would mean that there also needs to be an "irrelevant" marker to mark as irrelevant comments by trolls, and people who insult others, so those will get buried. This would allow legitimitate opinions from both sides of the coin to be seen.

To the people saying they see this post every week: I realize this, but I'm not trying to complain. I think there is a way to improve this see above. It seems like people discover reddit, become infatuated, and then get somewhat bored of it because of the circlejerkiness. Reddit is fed by constant newcomers.

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At a certain point, reddit will reach equilibrium and no new users are going to come. Once that happens, readership will decline, as well as quality. I think the admins should take this into consideration if they want this site to last. The cynics are saying nothing will change, and they are probably right.

So fuck it dude, let's go bowling. What Circle jerks reddit hate are the comments tacked on the best comment that are completely unrelated. While your idea intrigues me and encourages me to engage in healthy debate, I disagree fundamentally with your point of view. Karma is irrelevant. How about we just have it permanently hidden and let it work in the same way it did before? That way there will be no points and it would eventually lose its meaning. But then people would be upset that their e-cred is gone and only the people who actually gave two shits would remain on reddit.

I guess that can't be allowed to happen can it? People want to express their agreement, or disagreement more than they want to quality-rate comments.

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Since there is only one rating system at the moment it gets used for agreement. I'm tempted to downvote you in the spirit of Reddit.

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BUT I'd better not and maybe include a typeo or too to have people correct and flog me with. What you consider insightful is influenced by your background and what you know about the subject. Ultimately it's influenced by your opinion on the matter. There's no objective measure of quality. You can see this all the time in debates especially politics when one side presents what it feels are compelling and well thought-out arguments but what to the other side is the same old bullshit they've seen hundreds of times.

In my experience it's a rare and precious situation for two people who disagree with each other to still sincerely consider each other's arguments insightful. Circle jerks reddit bright idea was it to add hundreds of internet strangers to the equation and expect it to work? No one is out to sabotage your perfect little system, the system was ill-conceived from the start. I never understood this complaint.

Are all of you so pathetic that in order to feel your opinion is validated it has to be upvoted to the top so the whole world can see it? Look at any thread, the only comments that get consistently downvoted into negatives to the point of being hidden are the true trolls. Otherwise what's the problem? You mean you only got 15 upvotes and the other guy with a different opinion got 30 so that means the universe thinks your opinion is inferior and that vexes you? Come on. I felt the change since the Digg debacle, trolls and whatnot were well defined in subreddits.

Now Circle jerks reddit are everywhere. Yes, yes, yes! Yeah, I couldn't believe this wasn't actually in circlejerk. Found the internet! Does Reddit begin to feel like one major circlejerk after a while? Posted by 11 years ago. Sort by: best. Have an upvote! Continue this thread. There's nothing wrong with that. Circlejerking questioner is a circlejerking circlejerker. More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts december 18th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

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What is a 'circle jerk' when used in Reddit?