Coke between boobs

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Preferably, with no hands. Naturally, those with bigger boobs had a, err, greater grip on the can. Well, one thing led to another and the challenge became a fake breast cancer awareness campaign. Women from all over the world were sharing their photos and thought that they were promoting breast cancer.

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Here are some of the photos from the challenge. FYI — you are not alone.

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Post continues after gallery. That was until breast cancer survivorAimee Fletcher, stuck it to the challenge, with this photo. After attending a funeral of a friend who battled breast cancer, Aimee saw the Coke Can challenge online. The treatment is gruelling. The year-old runs her own blog, The C-Wordwhich documents her journey with cancer. She writes about cancer as a reality. A reality that can make you bitter, depressed and so lonely.

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Check out what survivors of breast cancer have posted about this trend. Kudos to you, Aimee and the other survivors, for highlighting breast cancer as it is. What did you think of the Coke Can challenge? Have you had an experience with breast cancer — how does this make you feel? When a woman beats breast cancer, she deserves to feel sexy and powerful. This reporter was tested for breast cancer on live TV. And it was positive. Stacey was delighted with her new boobs.

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Three years on, it became clear something was very wrong. And, if you would actually like to donate, learn or spread awareness about breast cancer, you can visit the McGrath Foundation or Pink Ribbon. This is exactly the problem had with it.

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Having had a young relative die of this recently and several family members currently battling it it disgusted me that women would be so easily led into sexualising breast cancer. Seriously, it didn't take much critical thought to work out that a breast cancer charity or awareness group would not be responsible for this kind of gimmick. Fighting breast cancer is hard and painful and some women don't survive. This is not a gimmick. Leave a comment. Mamamia Team. Listen Now. The Quicky. Tags: wellbeing beauty body-image body-positive gallery lifestyle must-see-pics social-media women.

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Coke between boobs

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Women with cancer give the middle finger to "Hold A Coke With Your Boobs" challenge.