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Once Mark accepts to beta-test the Brofinder app Penny has created, he can date twelve additional characters ten dates in total. Whereas the main storyline of the game allows Mark to develop a relationship with a few characters and to fall in love, the Brofinder dates mostly consist in one-night stands.

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If the date goes well and le to sexual intercourse, the date ends with the characters evoking the possibility of seeing each other again although the game does not allow for a second date to happen. The ten dates with twelve additional characters are as follows:. The ten dates with twelve additional characters are as follows: Terrence Terry Lovelock Terrence is a pop star. He is currently making teenybopper music to reach commercial success although he is unhappy about it.

He is in a fake relationship with musician Dalia Murphy to further both of their careers.

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Luke Luke is a college student and rugby player who recently moved from Waterford, Ireland, to Orlin. Mark can engage in sexual intercourse with Luke. Donovan Don Donovan is a thirty-five-year-old construction worker. He divorced two years ago and came out not so long after that. He has a son who has been encouraging him to enter the dating scene. Donovan is quite lost and relies on a guide book about dating. Theo Matapang Theo is a successful video game developer. He is looking for someone who would fit in the suit of his ex-boyfriend to attend his high school reunion with him.

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He uses Brofinder to bait people into buying poppers. He has been working as a police officer for six years and hates being called a rookie. Jake Jake is a foodie who has been struggling with an eating disorder. He is polyamorous and considers himself a sex-positive person. He is also a gamer who loves the Zelda series. Tommy Tommy is a prosecutor for Orlin County. He is a successful and wealthy man who works out, re, and knows how to cook. Frank Frank is a stripper. He hates his job and pretends to be a wealthy, sexually active investor who travels around the world.

Oz and Pete have been together for two years and now live in Palm Valley. Oz works as a sound technician in a radio station, whereas Pete works as a graphic deer and used to draw erotic superhero comics. Of the two, Oz is the most unsure about the idea of having a threesome. Jesse is rather silly and perverse, whereas Hugh is calm and reserved.

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Coming out on top brofinder

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