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In that case, you may find yourself frequently getting other items especially Hamburgers. You can attempt to use SNOT to single out one from a group, but the chances are really just the same of you finding his item if you battled normally. The spawn rate is great, though, so you'll have no trouble finding tons of these guys. Just keep your hopes high that the next fight'll have that coveted Pizza! Known for their travel s, these sticky slugs can really overlevel Ness when you're searching for them.

As such, it seems much more beneficial for Jeff to pick this item up in his stead. Not only does the experience help Jeff catch up to Paula's and Ness's levels, but the slugs travel in far fewer s in Rainy Circle Cave in 2's here compared to Giant Step's You can always return to Giant Step, however, if you'd rather have easy fights with everyone in the party. By all means, this is a foe that is easier when returned to.

The best time to return to these is when you get Poo, as he can definitely benefit from the experience you'll gain. Be careful where you pick your spot: these trees often travel with Mobile Sprouts who can really get in the way. If you go to the suggested area, however, you'll only ever find singular trees. While the caves around Happy Happy hold Cultists as well, I'd suggest staying in town Coming out on top frank walkthrough they roam alone. Both parties of one and two cultists share the same chance of giving you the candy you seek. Minimize the damage you take by suiting up with the town's best items, though in all honesty you're probably pretty beefed up by now from battling so many sharks.

In any case, the magical you want to see is If you don't get the drop by then, you'll have it much easier. Otherwise, it's all a bash-fest! Note : you may want to dispatch the Cultists in the prayer house first. There's no sense running all over town if you're lucky enough to get it on one of the few that you're required to beat! These gators can be a real pain when you first meet them.

Coming out on top frank walkthrough only do they frequently team up with themselves, a common battle formation is 2 Plain Crocs and 3 Red Antoids -- hardly a group to take lightly at your level! It's easiest to return to these guys near the end of your journey.

Visiting at around L might sound okay, but even then they're only afraid of you half the time, and you want the control here, as the spawing areas are all out in the open. Once you do have the ability to easily green-swirl them, use SNOT to single them out.

This is probably the easiest item to get. These roaches always travel alone and their spawn rate is fairly frequent. It's best to return later, like when you have Poo. There's really not much else to this one, so good luck! Ugh, another exploding enemy. This one can be a headache at first like so many of the others! I usually keep this for when I'm at max level just so you scare everything around you.

The spheres mainly spawn in a diagonal line in the Desert, starting around the Monkey Cave entrance and going northeast to right above the Montague's dig site. You'll have to watch out for Skelpions and UFOs, but the main problem can sometimes be the spheres themselves. They have a few movement patterns. They make skinny circles until they see you, when they quiver.

At that point, they either rush in towards you or flee. In fleeing, they'll either zig twice away and then zag back once and wait, or they'll rarely make a straight getaway. In the former, you'll have to try and catch them on the return zag, but the easiest way to catch them is to herd them into a wall where a green swirl is guaranteed. At max level, you'll always KO without a fight, regardless of their allies. This one is rather easy to get if you're a little overleveled. If you follow the suggested spot, you'll find plenty of taxis.

They run in circles until they're facing you, when they'll rev forward. If you can surprise them and do some fancy footwork, you can get green swirls even if they're not afraid of you. Otherwise, just keep pluggin'.

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Store Suggested Area. These often-found nightmares are really quite easy with some practice. They have a radius where they can sense you. As soon as you are registered in that area, they make a dash for that very spot. Thus, if you can figure out the length, you can fake them out and get green swirls easy.

Just take Coming out on top frank walkthrough step forward to trigger them and then touch them pretty much any other place besides the direction they're moving. As for grouping, if you stay near the bottom of the mall, they come alone and with only one comrade more often. Use SNOT to break up groups. Make sure the XP matches before getting excited! The Musicas give the largest XP of the three enemies that appear. Yes, this is technically not a temporary enemy. However, it is highly recommended to score this in Moonside where it is much easier to find them. They're hard to tell apart from Gas Pumps on the overworld, but just run from any gassy battles and you'll be fine.

They move in a circular manner like the Mad Taxis, but in smaller circles. Use this to your advantage to try for green swirls. Keep your HP high in battles, too, as these guys are pretty dangerous. These guys spawn all over Moonside, but I found it easiest to keep going in and out of the the Cafe. It relo the map faster since you don't have to walk all over and also makes it easier for green swirls assuming your victim is close to the door. Very rarely are the foes waiting right at the door, too, so you shouldn't have many surprise attacks, if any, from going in and out.

They always travel alone and are distinguishable from outside of battle, so the clocks are among the easier foes to get. The best time to get them is while they're common in Moonside, but if you skip ahead, you can still find them in Dungeon Man. While it may be a bear, it's not a true bear to get! What you want to do for this animal is to work on it while it still finds you as prey. Thus, it's best to get this when you first return to Winter with just Ness, Paula, and Jeff.

That way, you can lull it away from its Cave Boy friends. It's best to find a spot that will let it have a straight path towards you so you can use SNOT to get those boys out of the picture. This is, without a doubt, the toughest foe to garner an item from.

These rare foes almost always travel with a plain Manly Fish. Take into the slowed travel in the swamp minimizing spawn rates and killing chances of using SNOT to single out the brother and you've got a headache. This foe only appears in the later parts of Deep Darkness. The Suggested Area is ideal for hunting them because its path is on dry land. However, alongside the Manly Fish there are nearly every other foe in the swamp, so you'll have to be able to manage good Coming out on top frank walkthrough skills to avoid pointless battles.

This is a foe worth saving for last, as by that time the Fish and most everything else in the swamp will run from you, allowing green swirls or easy avoidance. This is the pinnicle of this challenge, I must say, so if you get frustrated along the way, chill out and take a break -- perseverence is key unless you're severely lucky! Ugh, this guy can be a headache.

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It likes to travel with 2 friends frequently, the Wooly Shambler and the Lesser Mook. Unfortunately, they also have the same out-of-battle sprites. While you can combat it early and try for its item, it works best to return at a higher level. They'll be mostly afraid of you, giving more control with SNOT to single one diamond enemy out.

You'll also green-swirl insta-kill the foe, too, so while the chance may be lowered from confusion out-of-battle, the process is sped up without combat.

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This spaceman travels with a wide variety of foes. As such, you have more opportunities to find his item. However, it is only a temporary foe, disappearing one the Starman Base is beaten. Save this guy for last in case you get his item from your search for the Sword of kings. If you have, however, a very useful tip is to take advantage of its teleportation.

If you use the suggested area, Starman from above will teleport down into your area, leaving their allies behind. It's a quick fix to single out the Starmen and works wonders. These guys are also easy to green-swirl, so if youcan get singles, you'll OHKO them. Ah, the long sought after Sword of kings.

Coming out on top frank walkthrough

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